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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My heart is skipping triplets

I can't believe my first year of university is almost over! I have one more exam this afternoon and then move home this evening. Wow! Last night my friends and I dressed up and went out to dinner - to celebrate the year, say goodbye, and as an excuse to put on dresses and make up. We then spent the rest of the night having fun and engaging in juvenile shenanigans (truth & dare, silly adventures, y'know...). I had an awesome night, and I'm really going to miss living only a few feet away from some of my best friends!





Dress - Penningtons size 2X (my grad dress!)
Shrug - Forever 21+ size 3X
Necklace - Penningtons
Flats - Payless size 11

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black and white

I always like "dressing up" for exams. My linear algebra exam this morning was awful (don't worry, I'm done talking about it now!) but at least I liked my outfit, right?

black & white, dots & stripes

w&b 020


black and white

w&b 028

Polka dot crop top - Forever 21 size M
Bodycon skirt - Ricki's size 18
Sweater - Ricki's size XXL
Tights - Addition Elle size 3X
Boots - Walmart size 10W

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hibiscus and Hummingbird

Boring outfit for a boring day. Seriously. I got dressed half asleep, and then spent almost the entire day studying for my linear algebra exam tomorrow. Yawn.

I'm most definitely wearing leggings as pants today. I was going to justify myself by saying something about living on campus or final exams, but to do so would be totally unnecessary. Leggings are a perfectly acceptable alternative to pants if you choose to wear them as such. To say differently is straight up body policing and not okay. My body does not need to be hidden or disguised - it's fine just the way it is. My favourite leggings are from Walmart. They're the G21 brand and a cotton/spandex blend. They're fitted without being too tight, super comfortable without being to baggy, and have a yoga-style top instead of an elastic waist so they don't dig into your hips. At $10, they really are the perfect leggings.

purple cardi 002

purple cardi 012

purple cardi 006

pocket detail

Cardigan - thrifted
Striped tank top - Forever 21 size L
T-shirt - Old Navy size XXL
Leggings - Walmart size 3X
Flats - Payless size 11

ETA: I tried to make a video but I ended up rambling for 12 minutes so I'll just say it here: I have chosen not to publish comments that perpetrate the notion that leggings are "trashy" or a "fashion faux-pas." If you feel the need to leave comments like that, you've missed my point. I am not forcing anybody to accept leggings into their wardrobe, but no matter what your personal preferences are it is not okay to dictate what others wear. Every person has the right to wear whatever they choose and that is not an open invitation for your negative commentary. To be blunt, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Buttons are busted, we're decorated

Today has been a nice but busy day. I got up early (well, earlier than I'd have liked) because I had to drive back from Edmonton to Camrose before my linear algebra class. After class and lunch I checked my mail box to find that I had received a lovely care package from my older sister in the mail. She sent me a sweet card a bunch of fun goodies, including a ton of my favourite tea and a book I've been wanting to read for ages (Tazo Orange Blossom and "Swing Low" by Miriam Toews, respectively). I love getting things in the mail and I especially love how thoughtful my sister is. I saw one of the campus counsellors today and it went well. Counselling has been quite beneficial to me in the past, but it's never been something I liked. I'll probably see him more once exam anxiety sets in, and for now it was just nice to get acquainted.

Right after my appointment I went on a lovely walk, which is where I took today's outfit photos. Don't let the snow fool you, today was quite warm. So warm, in fact, that I had to take of my cardigan for a bit while walking. On the same note, it is finally warm enough to go bare-legged. Today was the second day in the past week I haven;t worn tights, though thankfully this time I was smart enough to wear bike shorts. Chub rub hurts! Spring is coming slowly but surely and the snow is melting as fast as it knows how. I felt a huge child-like desire to go puddle jumping. Although it'd actually be more like wading considering the size of a lot of the puddles. I remember as a child we practically swam in them! Puddle-induced nostalgia aside, my walk included buying some pears for an art project, owl-themed chocolates, going to the bank, lemonade, and buying some stickers for scrapbooking. I spent the rest of the day working on art. My final portfolio is due Wednesday at midnight and I don't feel at all ready! I certainly have time to work on it though, and hopefully I'll be confident in the work I submit. I honestly could of done more work today, but I've been super tired and irritable all day (not to mention an awful headache). Thankfully today was lovely in spite of all that.

monday's outfit

new skirt 011


new skirt 003

new skirt 013
Posing for pictures makes me feel so silly!

Skirt - thrifted Addition-Elle size 24
T-shirt - Old Navy size XXL
Cardigan - Ricki's size XXL
Belt - Northern Reflections size XL
Flats - Payless size 11
Necklace - Reitmans
Purse - Winners

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Film photographs

I'm home in Edmonton for the weekend and I've been having a lovely time. Along with seeing friends and applying for jobs, I was also able to get a roll of film developed. I started this roll in January, and so it seemed fitting to get it developed now, with only three days of classes left. This roll of film spans my entire winter semester! I really like some of the photographs and I thought it'd be fun to share them with you all.

Lauren & I

Sky blue

Nicole's birthday

Walking off campus

Red head


sunglasses season

Nearby park

I absolutely love these floral sunglasses, which I bought at Ardene's for about $5. I can't wait to wear them all summer long. Thanks for looking, and I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cute as a Button

I had a pretty tough weekend mental-health wise, but I still wanted to share my costume from Friday night. Friday was my school's Last Class Bash and it was a tonne of fun. My campus is alcohol-free, so LCB is one of three opportunities to get drunk and dance with your classmates (aside from, y'know, every weekend at the local club). The theme was "Imma B" so everyone was supposed to dress up as something that started with the letter B. There were a lot of creative and fun costumes. With the help of my friend Nicole I decided to go as a button, because buttons are cute! (Also probably because I love hearing "you're cute as a button!"). I made two buttons from cardboard (which is ridiculously difficult to cut), painted them with acrylic craft paint, painted them with gel medium to make them shiny, and then used hot glue and yarn to make it look sewn and attach it to myself. There was another button in the back and it was attached sandwich-board style. I definitely should have used something stronger than yarn though, my costume broke multiple times and I had to use some ribbon from balloons to fix it. Still, I was really happy with my costume.

button 002

button 008

button 010

button 009

button 014

Black t-shirt - B.U.M. Equipment size 3X
Black mini skirt - Ricki's size 18
Purple tights - Addition Elle size 3X
Black flats - Payless size 11
Hair pins - buttons glued to bobby pins with hot glue

Friday, April 1, 2011

A spot of spring

Hello! I know I haven't had a proper outfit post in ages, so here you are! I wore this yesterday, and I felt super cute. I love this dress, and I haven't worn it ages. I'm not sure it shrunk in the wash or something, but I was a little self-conscious about how short it is. I don't remember it being this short! This is the first time I've worn these shoes. I bought them at the end of fall for $5, but winter is hardly a time for peep-toe flats. I totally love them though, metallic shoes are fabulous. I also really like this ring with my owl necklace - they're both that ridiculously bright silver, so they go together well. This is also the debut of my new red wig. I absolutely love it! I purchased it from a fraudulent seller on Etsy (before I knew they were fraudulent, obviously), but the same wig can be purchased here.

Yesterday was a lovely day, if a bit emotion-filled. I had class from 9:25am-3:30pm (studio art, English, and psych). We're beginning our final project in art, which I'm a bit nervous about as it's weighted more than our other projects. I'm really enjoying art though, we've been painting with acrylics - something I'm much better at than drawing! After psych, I went for a coffee/walk with a cute boy. It was so warm and sunny, it's finally starting to feel like. Spring in Alberta is really slushy though, and on our walk I ended up falling into a creek... I felt so embarrassed (not to mention cold!) but he walked me back to my dorm room so I could change my shoes and put on some dry leggings. We ended up hanging out with some of his friends and spent the evening together. I am totally smitten, and if you follow me on tumblr you know that I talk about my crush a lot. I also found out some not-so-great family news, but things will hopefully be getting better.


redhair 075

redhair 072

redhair 108

redhair 134

Dress - Old Navy size XL
Cardigan - Walmart size 2X
Tights - Penningtons size 4X
Belt - thrifted
Ring - Penningtons
Necklace - Warehouse One
Silver flats - Payless size 11

Sorry for the novel, I just have so much to say. It's another gorgeous sunny day today, tonight is the Last Class Bash, and I'm feeling quite happy. My university is a dry campus, so there are three parties every year where they rent a hall off-campus and students go to drink and dance. It's honestly kind of like a high school dance with way more alcohol, but it should be fun. I have an awesome costume lined up, which I'll be sure to share with y'all tomorrow. Happy Friday!