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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Florals

I thrifted this dress this morning with the two other items in my previous post. I la-la-love it! It's marked as a size 40, which means nothing to me; but it fits, which does mean a lot to me. It was $10, and the floral pattern is to die for. And it has pockets, y'all know I love skirts and dresses with pockets.



Saturday florals



Dress - thrifted, marked as a size 40
Cardigan - Alloy, size XXXL
Tights - Addition-Elle, size 3X
Flats - Aldo, size 11
Necklace - gifted, from a local antique jewellery store
Belt - Northern Reflections, size XL

Saturday Afternoon Shopping

One thing I've always loved about early Saturday afteroons is having coffee and running errands with my dad. This is even better if the line between "running errands" and "going shopping" gets blurred. Today we stopped by Value Village.

I haven't had a jewellery box since I was a very young girl, and I've been yearning after one the past few years. I am so happy to have found this one. It is in almost perfect condition, and was only $20. And there is a lot of room for a lot of jewellery.






I also found a film camera. Yippee! It seems to be in good condition, and was only $8. Film will be no problem to find (35mm) but I can't tell what kind of battery it needs (short, squat, and lithium?). One this all gets sorted, I can't wait to try it out.


My favourite fatty fat coffee beverage. A Chillate with a shot of chocolate and whipped cream, from Second Cup. Yum.


ETA: I found the camera's manual online.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday afternoon

Hello all!

I am very honoured to be featured on Kae's blog For Fatshion's Sake. Head on over there to read the interview she did with me.

The past few weeks I have been listening to mixed CDs I made 3-4 years ago. A lot of them are pretty good, but I am overcome with nostalgia. I've also been looking through (and posting) a lot of older photos, which definitely adds to my nostalgia. The sunshine is causing me to be super energetic and optimistic, which may be the only upside of seasonal affective disorder.

I am also desperately yearning for some film. I have an awesome Polaroid camera but alas, only 2 pictures left. It seems eBay would be the best place to buy the 600 Polaroid film, but I've never shopped on eBay before. I'm also looking for a 35mm film camera, as 35mm film is still readily available. All of my family's film cameras have bitten the dust, and so this weekend I may swing by some thrift stores and search. What is it about film that is so glorious?

my 16th birthday
My 16th birthday

Speaking of photographs, when I was 11 I got an honourable mention in an Owl Magazine photo contest. An honourable mention may not seem like much, but I won a camera and my name was published in a national magazine. This is very cool for an 11 year-old.

Well, I think I have sufficiently rambled enough. I hope you all have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is the second item I purchased from Addition-Elle this past weekend. I had been eyeing it all season but couldn't find it in my size, in the right colour, and wasn't sure about spending $60 on it. Well, here it is: $20, purpley blue, size 4X. Oh, joy of all joys!

. .



Leggings - Arie by American Eagle, size XXL
Pin - self-made from a Tegan & Sara album book

You don't have to love this outfit, I'll still love you! ♥

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Is Not Yet Spring

It is not yet spring and I can attest to that
I have slipped on the ice and fallen on my fat
Ass more than once in the past few days
Especially in the morning when my mind is a haze
This morning, however, was a bit different
When I fell I was helped by a caring young gent
He held open the door, asked if my leg was alright
Who knew one of my peers could be so polite
Although this boys actions were terrible nice
It does not change the fact that there is still ice
Under my feet, with every step I take
To and from school, when I’m barely awake
I am sick and tired of this grey winter gloom
And I’m desperately waiting for the flowers to bloom
But it seems skirts and sandals still have to wait
Why must this never-ending winter be my fate?

megbff 029

june 14 191

sweet! 453



Monday, February 22, 2010

One Zebra Two Zebra Red Zebra Blue Zebra

I am not always impressed with the clothing at Addition-Elle, but yesterday I really was. I went shopping because I had a spend $50 save $25 coupon, and I saw some cute shirts in the window. I purchased two other items, which I'll be posting about in the near future. If I had the money, there was a lot more I would've purchased. The first item is this zebra shirt.

I love it. It's young and trendy without looking like it's trying too hard. A lot of plus-sized t-shirts targeted at young people are bordering on tacky, but I find this one really cute. It's very comfortable, and I absolutely love the length and the way it hangs. It's $25, or $20 when you buy another t-shirt. Unlike a lot of Addition-Elle's clothing, I feel that the price accurately reflects the quality article.It's lightweight and a little bit sheer, but not so sheer that layering is necessary. It's not on the website, but if you're in Canada check it out! This may seem like a lot of love for a t-shirt, but I'm feeling a lot of love.





T-shirt - Addition-Elle size 3X
Cardigan - thrifted
Jeans - Old Navy size 18
Flats - Aldo size 11
Ring - farmer's market in Dawson Creek, BC
Long necklace - free from the Re-Use Centre

This fairy pendant necklace was a gift from a former friend. She bought it for me from the artist on Vancouver Island, and gave it to me on my 16th birthday. We're no longer friends, but I still wear this necklace. It's one of the nicest gifts I've received from a friend, and one of the nicest pieces of jewellery I own.

I was doodling with my liquid eyeliner and decided that dark blue polka dot fingernails was a must! They could use some work (toothpicks maybe?) but I really like them.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Azure cats: a make-up post

As you know, I don't always wear make-up, but yesterday I had a bit of fun with it. I love winged eyeliner, and I thought this dark blue was cute.





I used Prestige liquid eyeliner in azure. It's a lovely colour and applies really well. I can't remember the price off the top of my head, but I do remember that the price was one of its selling points. I want this in eggplant and in black, to replace the mediocre black liquid liner I have now.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know I said I'd be waiting until spring to wear this dress, but a Valentine's Day dinner date seemed like the perfect occasion. I felt so romantic in this feminine vintage-inspired outfit.

. .


My room is really messy, but I hope you can appreciate the orchid batik.
I don't like my camera. These pictures are sub-par.


Dress - Pennington's, 2X
Cardigan - Alloy, XXL
Tights - Addition-Elle, 3X
Shoes - Aldo, size 11
Necklace - Forever 21
Pin - thrifted

I really liked my make-up. I used both liquid and pencil eyeliner, and was slow and steady while applying it.

ello yellow

We went out for a really nice Italian dinner and it was wonderful. It was my first romantic Valentine's Day, and our first nice dinner out. Squee!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm so sorry that posting has been light. Life is really quite swell, but I'm finding no inspiration with regards to fashion. I'm sick of my wardrobe and I'm sick of winter. I'm ready to frolic about in skirts and sandals but there's still snow on the ground! February really is that month, isn't it? At least there is Valentine's Day, and two long weekends. Why am I so glum?
I did feel quite cute today, though.

. .


Tank-tops (there are two, a purple one layered over a navy one) - Old Navy, size XXL
Jeans - Old Navy, size 18
Cardigan - Walmart, size 3X
Shoes - thrifted, size 11W
Scarf - Urban Outfitters years ago
Necklace - free from the Re-use Centre

I got braces, for the second time. I still feel kind of silly, but they're no longer causing me pain.


Love and all that jazz (as always) ♥