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Monday, July 17, 2017


wait! i put on black lipstick and got like 200% cuter! i feel like i'm referencing some anime i've never seen? idk, purple hair and pointy eyeliner always makes me feel a cartoon villain. 

earlier today i got dressed up just to see my therapist and she complimented my daytime halloween glitter (thx! <3) and then broke up with me! (i mean, she's resigning to pursue private practice, which is definitely worse than being dumped.) she referred me to someone else in her clinic who has familiarity with bpd but where am i gonna' find another government-funded therapist who shares my taste in fatshun?

lavender menace

the lavender wig that i was told was sold out and would never reach my greedy hands arrived out of nowhere and i couldn't be more pleased!!!

i keep making lavender menace jokes but to be honest i dont know enough about that history to know whether it's terf-y or not. uhm, if you know let me know?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

first date aesthetic

earlier this week i went on literally the worst date of my life, but this morning i had a lovely date with a seemingly lovely dude. it was only my second time wearing this blonde wig out (i took it for a test run late last night just to watch fireworks) and i felt a lot more confident than i thought i would. new wigs are magical but strange, and it can be hard to remember not everyone has the same wigdar as drag queens. having worn it out a couple times i feel like blonde sonia is here to stay, at least for the summer. 

i super slept in this morning and got ready way quicker than usual, but i still found time to smear my face with too much liquid eyeliner and nyx's liquid suede lipstick in little denim dress. bright blue lipstick and my prized "trust no man" necklace seemed like the perfect choice for a first date with a straight guy and it totally was. he complimented both, and didn't seem to mind too much that i turned his lips blue as well.