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Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was going through the photos on my computer today, compiling a folder to get printed off and put in a photo album, and I came across some lovely pictures I wanted to share. Here you go!

on the ferry
a really great photo my sister got on the ferry from victoria to vancouver

Victoria BC
in victoria, it was mid february so the water was chilly

my sister and i in vancouver, you could walk to this beach from her house

february, at the beach

in NWT, near yellowknife i think, i wish i remembered the name of this area

Clifford E. Lee
clifford e. lee park in alberta, there's unfortunately no water there anymore

kananaskis, alberta. i'd say this is the most beautiful place in alberta, but i don't know if that's true. alberta may have horrible politics but it is so very beautiful

very cold, but so worth it! this was such an idyllic place



emily, sarah
my sister and i, and are (now deceased) guinea pig sarah

ferris wheel
taken at the top of a ferris wheel

Saturday, November 28, 2009

iDance Edmonton

iDance Edmonton, founded by Lindsey Eales, just won a human rights award. iDance is a dance group for people with disabilities, and if you take a look at the video below it is incredibly beautiful.

The video is not embedding too well so here's a link:

Friday, November 27, 2009

OOTD, finally!

I haven't posted an outfit in two weeks! Totally shameful.

I got this shirt not too long ago from the Righteous Babe Store. I never got around do doing a review of my purchases with them, but I'll say that after 2 months I got the three shirts I ordered, as well as three free items. All in all it wasn't a terrible purchase but I likely won't be buying from the site again. This Ani Difranco tour tee is so cute! But because crew necks make me feel like I'm choking, I took a pair of scissors to the collar. I was very careful that the neck was even and had no unsightly tags of fabric, and I'm happy with the result.

I've built a contraption (camera, wooden bangle, tissue paper) that allows me to get the right angle and thus include my head and feet in photos. Awesome, huh?

. .






Skirt - thrifted and altered by me, more info here.
T-shirt - RBR store, American Apparel unisex size L
Tights - Addition-Elle, 3x
Boots - Naturalizer, size 11. These boots are perfect. they fit over my calves (even with skinny jeans on), and they're so warm and very comfortable. I purchased them a couple seasons ago, and I go them for $30 vs. $130 because I bought them at the end of the season.
Necklace - free from the Re-use Centre
Peace ring - Icing by Claire's
Green stone ring - street vendour
Cardigan - Alloy, XXXL

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Today was the first day of snow in my dear city of Edmonton. Absurd, isn't it? That you can go the first 20 days of November without snow. It's not particualrly cold so it's all slushy now.

first snowfall!

snowy snow snow

Tonight I made lip balm with my really lovely aunt and neighbour. She also gave me a recipe for really delsih tatziki. Yum!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stigma of Suicide

There is a very powerful piece in today's Edmonton Journal. It's about the suicide of Alex Wedman, a 17 year old boy who committed suicide last year after being the victim of ongoing bullying, and how his experience relates to the stigma associated with depression and suicide. It even touches on masculinity. I highly encourage you to read the entire piece here.

Some pieces that really jumped out at me:

The family has been for counselling, though Eric has refused so far. So typical of young men to bury their feelings. Alex did that, too. But it is a hallmark of depression to withdraw and isolate. Just as it is a rule for children, especially boys, to not tattle.

Bullying thrives in silence. But so does suicide. Consciously and unconsciously we've taught our children that suicide is too taboo, too scary, to even mention.

We fear that talking about a person's suicide will inspire copy cats. If we talk about it, the thinking goes, other kids, our kids, might see it as a chance to go out in a blaze of glory.

Yet the hush perpetuates the shame and isolation. How can we expect a suicidal kid to reach out when the over-riding message from us is that suicide is too shameful to talk about?

We have come to believe a lie: That suicide is a failing of character in dysfunctional people or their families. Mental illness is still the subject of so much stigma, though depression is a near epidemic in North America.

Alberta leads the country in suicides, with 473 recorded in 2007.

The statistics are believed to be greatly under-reported for a number of reasons, including stigma.


It is tempting to cast blame in this story. Some school officials failed Alex Wedman. But their attitudes --turning a blind eye, or refusing to see the peril--reflect those of society.

The article was written by Scott Mckeen. I am not an overly avid reader of the newspaper but I do generally enjoy his articles. It is clear that the writing of this article has personal meaning for him as well.

The rational mind doesn't understand. But as someone who has suffered a deep clinical depression, I get it. I still can't find the words to describe the sheer hopelessness--the mental agony and physical woodenness--of deep depression. That's why I feel so strongly that we must talk openly about suicide. We must sit down with our children and discuss it without alarm. Let them know that depression and suicidal thoughts aren't shameful, but common. They are a sign, like physical pain, that we need to do something for our health.

As someone who only in the past year has been diagnosed with and seek treatment for mental illness this is very close to me. Because of my political leanings, so to speak, it was only shortly after getting out of the worst of it that I was ready to call out the stigma of mental illness. Because it was, and is, so new to me there're still times when I do feel ashamed. But talking honestly about mental illness, with everyone from loved ones to strangers on the internet, can be a productive first step. So is seeking the help of professionals, which also has a huge stigma attached.

My thoughts are with Alex's family and with other teens who are suffering from depression or victims of harassment.


Guess what this blogger did today? Attended a preview day and applied to her university of choice! I hope this doesn't sound juvenile, but it was way easier than television makes it seem. I'm sure this is because I'm not wishing to attend anything prestigious but it's still a relief. Tomorrow I'll apply for residence and then all I can do is wait. Eeeeee!

Browsing the Old Navy website there a few things that stand out as potentially fabulous but I have to ask, what's up with the summer clothes in mid November?

What about cotton floral tunics and daydresses doesn't say summer? I do like these though. For the summer, I'd pair the tunic with skinny jeans and flat brown sandals, and the dress with sandals and a belt. Tunic and blue dress.

Yes, these are the same dress but both of the patterns are so lovely, and different enough that I want to own both. In the summer, I'd pair these flat sandals and a long necklace. For the colder part of the year, both of these would be cute with a cardigan, tights, and either flats or boots.

Speaking of cardigans...

V-neck cardi, swing cardigan, perfect cardigan.

Okay, how lovely would the chunky grey cardi look with the navy short sleeved dress? Coloured tights and flat black boots anyone? A long gold necklace?

Tights from We Love Colours in maroon. Necklace from ModCloth. Boots from Barefoot Tessa.

Enjoy! I only have so much more time before every penny needs be spent on my education, so maybe I'll swing by Old navy this weekend.

♥ Love always, and hello to my new readers/followers.

So Chic

Now here's a lovely outfit. The combination of black and white is so simple and chic, and those tough motorcycle boots are to die for.

Via Style Clicker.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AE Review

Here is the long-promised much awaited review of the American Eagle purchase I made two weeks ago. To start off I’ll say that AE is a company that knows how to ship to Canada. They offer free shipping on orders over $100, and there shipping is quite reasonable on other orders, $15 I believe. They offer free return shipping from Canada and have a currency calculate at their checkout, so you can see the price of your order in CAD before you pay. My order was placed on a Sunday evening and arrived on the seventh business day. When I made these purchases they had a “buy 3 items get 20% off” sale, among other deals, so I got things for quite cheap.

I don’t normally post my measurements but I’m being quite explicit in case anyone is considering buying these items.
Bust – 51.5”
Waist – 46”
Tummy – 53”
Wear low-rise pants button up – 48”
Hips – 52”
Inseam – 31.5”
Ankles – 11”

First up this the super skinny jean in midnight black. Size 18 regular. $32.

In the past, regular lengths AE jeans have been too long on me. My inseam is 31.5” and is right between the short and regular. Because it’s in between the two, I decided not to risk it and ordered a regular. Good thing I did, as these puppies are pretty short. Maybe it’s just the style, but if I’d have known I would have bought a long length. According to their website the leg opening on theses jeans is 11.5” and according to a tape measure my ankles are 11”. Yup, they really are super skinny, take a look for yourself. They are tight, but the material is thin and quite stretchy and it is the style. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone larger than me get these, and they might work best for someone an inch smaller. They are also very low-rise, but I bought them with the intention on wearing them with long shirts/tunics so that’s what I expected.



Here’s this lovely soft skirt in purple marker. Size XXL. $12

This skirt is shorter than I expected, as they don’t list the length measurement. I had planned on wearing it high on the waist but would only be able to do that with leggings, so we’ll see. It has a smocked back which I love because my fat redistributes itself when I’m sitting vs. standing. Also because of the smocked back I can wear It high on waist, low on my hips, or anywhere in between if I so choose. And it has pockets! I love skirts and dresses with pockets.


Suede ballet flat in majestic purple. Size 11. $16

My feet are on the larger side of size 11, they are also relatively wide and thick or deep (Y’know – length x width x depth?). The upper isn’t structure so it allows room for my feet and is very comfortable. I was a bit sceptical about the quality but for the price I thought I’d try it. I really do like them and would definitely pay $30 – the regular price – for them. This makes me wish I hadn’t wasted so much time/money on crap flats in the early fall. When I first got them I wore them two days in a row, and both of those days involved more than a bit of walking, after which I developed a blister on my right toe. I let my feet have a break, wore them all day today at school and was fine. I guess they just needed a teeny tiny bit of breaking in? I love these, and would definitely buy ‘em again.


Wool clog in brown combo. Size 11. $16. The brown is now longer available but here they are in grey.
Clogs may not be the most fashionable shoes in the world but hey, I wanted some. The upper was softer than I thought it looked on the website. The sole could use a bit more width in heel, I mean my feet are not triangles with the widest part at my toes. The cork also has arch support that I, as a chronic flats wearer, aren’t used too. Overall I’m happy with them.


Streetscape V-neck tee. Size XXL. $6
This shirt was 50% with the purchase of my jeans. Okie-dokie sounds good. It’s a bit shorter than I normally like, and is lightweight and kind of sheer. I’m not unhappy though, as it is worth $6 to wear tucked into skirts.


Aerie leggings in charcoal heather. Size XXL. $12.
I’ve long wanted a pair of dark heather grey tights or leggings that were more than 50% cotton. Ta-da! They’re super comfy but I do have a minor complaint. The ankles are loose, and too short. Is this the kind of thing were they go “oh you have fat thighs and so you have fat ankles too”? I planned on wearing them tucked into boots anyways but this totally limits my ability to ever wear them with flats. Let’s remember too that my inseam is only 31.5” so what’s a person with longer legs supposed to do? These are supposed to be full length. I am happy with them, just overly critical I suppose. :)



Aerie boybriefs in XXL. $4.
I bought 5 of these undies. I’ve been wearing aerie undies for a few years now and for the first time went up to an XXL from an XL. I’d say I’m probably in between the sizes; I fit into an XL but make the elasticity do some work, wear the XXL fit but hardly need to stretch at all. I do really love these undies though, they’re predominately cotton, super comfy, and cute but not sexy (which is what I’m into). I’d say that someone with hips/bum up to 2” larger than mine could comfortably wear these in an XXL.

Sorry for the lack of face, I have a major zit and my hair was totally windblown. I'm thinking of renaming Edmonton as the windy city. Here's proof that I have a face, from a few days ago.


Here, the shirt is from Old Navy, XXL, and the necklace is from Forever 21.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ahoy there!

I haven't bought a tripod yet but after a lot of fiddling I managed to get a full body shot with my head and feet. Awesome!


Then I ran outside because natural lighting is so much better, even at dusk.




Yes, my feet DO have clay on them. This is my life.
The shirt is a new purchase from Old Navy. Size XXL, $10. The stripes and neck get it a nautical feel in my opinion, and I love the cut so much I picked it up in black too. It's not on the website but it's definitely worth checking out in store. These shoes are ones a ordered from the American Eagle website, $16 and size 11. I'm very happy with them and will do a review of all my AE purchases soon. The necklace is also new from Forever 21. I'm not sure it the long heart necklace thing is totally played out yet, thinking about it it first became trendy in Spring 2007. Either way I still prefer long necklaces like this. The jeans are from the Gap, a generous size 16. They're not my favourite jeans but the others were just out of the wash and still quite wet.

Here's a few from my balcony.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Show 'em some love.

I'm a little frustrated with the hate towards Faith 21. Here the thing, there is no monolithic fat woman. There is no: fat women wear this, and, a fat woman would never buy that. Forever 21 offers cheap, trendy, disposable clothing and that has been available for straight-sized teens for ages. Faith 21 is just opening that up to plus-sized girls as well. Different people have different styles and like to shop at different places. This fact doesn't just disappear when the individual is over a size 14. Whether you like, or would buy, anything from Faith 21 isn't the point. The point is that they are continuing to extend their sizes and make their clothing accessible to a larger geographic area. That's a good thing, especially since not many other retailers are doing that right now.

Just so you don't thing I'm all grouch - and because I wanted to share - here's a picture of me and Mia.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How about an update?

The American Eagle order I posted about here arrived today. Expect a review later in the week but I've just gotta' say that I am very happy with it. Free shipping to Canada and it arrived on the seventh business day! This is so fabulous I could scream! Now if only U.S.-based plus sized retailers could start doing this. But seriously? Here a big kiss from me to you, AE. ♥

On a heavier note, my dad has pneumonia and I'm very worried. I wouldn't mind if you send my daddy some good vibes.

Edit: I also wanted to point you in the direction of the White Peace Dove Campaign. Today, which is when my school had its Remberance Day ceremony, I wore both a white dove and a red poppy. Tomorrow I'll likely wear just the dove.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Street Style/Outfit Love

How fabulous is this outfit?

The dotted tights, the scarf, the hair bun! Via Copenhagen Street Style which is, for the record, probably my favourite street style blog.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guinea piggles

I can't believe I've been blogging for two months and haven't even shared my love of guinea pigs. I really, really do love them. You know that vision of a total cat lover? That's what I - and over people too - are like with guinea pigs. These are the two guinea pigs I share my home with.

This big girl's name is Quito. I adopted her from the Alberta Humane Society about this time last year. She is likely very old and seems to have an injury in her foot, but she is the most loving guinea pig I've ever met. Her hobbies include mad cuddling and peeing.

quito pig


This is a video I made the other day. She's just enjoying a scratch and sharing a few kisses while we listen to the new Tegan and Sara album. This is a guinea pig's happy sound, so cute right? The loud squeaking you hear at about 21 seconds is actually my other guinea pig when she realised she was missing out on the fun.

This other piggy here is Mia. We brought her home in about May when she was just 2 months old. These first few pictures are from when she was just a baby. She only weighed 210 grams, she was so so small.

mia at 6 weeks

oh hello, i fit in your hand
Why yes, I do fit into the palm of your hand.

mia in a pot

She also fit quite comfortably into this pot of mine.*

She gotten much bigger since then, here she is now.



*I also can't believe I have yet to post about just how much I love pottery.