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Monday, May 24, 2010


This infrequent blogging is bumming me out, but what's a blog without digital photographs? I hope to be replacing my camera in the next few weeks, but right now my upcoming graduation is the biggest thing on my mind. One week from today is my graduation commencement, and June 4th is the banquet. My gosh, it's coming up quickly! I am torn between feeling excited about the future and becoming an adult, and feeling just plain scared. Enough chit chat though, I just thought I'd share a few lovely things. Inspiration, maybe?

I love this outfit: floral shirt, denim dress, and charcoal grey leggings. Via Hel Looks, my favourite street style site.

Floral pants via Hel Looks

Both glasses via Opera Opera Opticians Limited

This kind of classic, kind of quirky colour combo is perfect. Via LensCrafters

Hello Kitty cookies via EpiCute

Adorable owl wedding cake via EpiCute

I love hedgehogs, I love chocolate! This too cute photo via Daily Squee, a site that always has me smiling

Scarlett Johansson is a great actress, and a beautiful woman. I love this outfit, especially those sunglasses and red lips! via Fashion Rules!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feminine, floral

I would absolutely love this beautiful, feminine outfit for spring.


The bag and bracelet are from Forever 21, the cardigan from Faith 21, the dress from Old Navy, the shoes from Payless, and the scarf from the Gap.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jewelry Review

At the beginning of the month, I was contacted by Sarah of LuShae Jewelery about reviewing a product. I took a look around the website and was happy to see a lot of beautiful jewellery, and chose to order the Floral Cocktail Ring. This is the first time I've been asked to review a product, and I was admittedly a bit nervous. Thankfully, there was nothing to worry about, as this piece of jewellery is beautiful! I unfortunately have no photos to share with you other than the stock photos - I have yet to replace my broken camera - but I assure this ring is just as beautiful, if not more so, in real life. This ring is just lovely, very well made and perfectly crafted.

LuShae Jewelery offers a wide variety of jewelery, from funky to classic. I admit that a lot of my current jewelery is from thrift stores or Forever 21, so I'm used to spending less than $10 a pop, but for 'real' jewelery LuShae's prices are great. Most items are around $60 to $70 each. I placed my order on May 5th, and received it today. International orders can take up to 14 days, and I was very happy that mine only took a week. I ordered the ring in a size 10, the largest size available, and it fits perfectly with a diameter of 2 cm.
I cannot recommend this store enough for beautiful, affordable jewellery.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Purchases

After spending three hours this afternoon working on pottery - and ogling people who were cosplaying - I did a bit of shopping as planned. Here's what I got:


1. Payless, size 11. These shoes are so cute and comfortable, and perfect for spring.
2. Same as a above! I'll be wearing these with my grad dress.
3. I've been wanting these Old Navy jeans since I first saw them on the website. I chose the darkest wash because - and I admit this may be a bit of left-over fat-girl insecurity - I wasn't totally comfortable wearing baby blue or pale grey jeans. I love these jeans! They fit perfectly and fit quite close to the body. The skinny leg is actually quite skinny. Hurrah! I bought a size 18, which is what I always wear in Old Navy pants. The length is longer than mid-calf, but slightly short than 'flood pants.' The bottom of the pants to my ankle is about 4".
4. Really lovely cardigan from Old navy, size XXL. It's quite lightweight and soft, and the colour is beautiful.
5. Also from Old Navy, and also size XXL. This cardigan is really cute and feminine in my opinion. It's a bit more vibrant in real life. I'll be wearing this with my grad dress.

Old Navy had 30% everything instore, and Payless had a By One Get One 1/2 off sale. Oh sales, how I love thee.

I'm not sure why, but I'm really nervous that my readers will diss what I'm wearing to grad. I'm going for a semi-formal, cute, quirky, feminine, vintage-inspired thing. Anything else just wouldn't be me, but I'm still fearful of criticism. It's probably just because of how much pressure is put on one dinner and dance. I'll look fabulous, so there's nothing to worry about.

Chains, floral, blue blue blue

This is what I wore to school today, and to see a play this evening. I took these with the webcam on my father's laptop. I'm sorry that the quality isn't great, but I hope the fab outfit makes up for it. These were taken at the end of a long day, so I do look a bit disheveled, and the webcam does nothing to help with that. I recieved a lot of compliments on this outfit in real life, which doesn't always happen, so that was really nice. I have never really worn this shirt or skirt. It's always fun to break out new old items in one's wardobe.



all smiles, floral, and blue

This skirt was actually a dress from the Gap that I purchased on sale. It had a jersey top that fit me a bit strangely so I chopped it off. The seem at the waist looks rough, but with a wide belt no one's the wiser. I absolutely love the colour os this skirt, but because it's cotton it sure wrinkles easily, especially when sitting down most of the day.

The holes in my tights appeared at the very end of the evening, and weren't an intentional part of the outfit.

Cardigan - American Apparel, unisex size L (one of my favourites, as I'm sure you can tell)
Floral top - Old Navy, size L
Skirt - The Gap, size L
Tights - Addition-Elle, size 3X
Chain necklace - thrifted
Belt - thrifted

I think it's funny that at a size 22, three of the items I'm wearing are a size large.

Tomorrow I'm going to school to work in the pottery studio (I'm geeky, but not as geeky as my friends who are going to school for an anime festival) and then going shopping for my grad shoes and a shrug to wear with my dress. I hope I find what I'm looking for.

Have a good weekend, all!