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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spots and dots

It's finally spring and the weather is so lovely! This outfit isn't particularly spring-y, but it's so nice to go out in flats and a light sweater - no jacket needed.

vintage hoodie via Divine, thrifted button-up, Ricki's skirt, WLC tights, Payless flats, gifted/handmade Archie comics necklace

Friday, March 16, 2012


Last Saturday UR Pride (the organization I'm treasurer of) hosted DIVAS, our annual drag show fundraiser. From a professional perspective it was successful, and from a personal perspective it was AWESOME! Definitely one of the best drag shows I've seen, and so much fun! Of course I had to wear as much glitter as possible - I've actually been considering becoming a drag queen for a while now. I'd have enough sequins for at least my first show!

Sheer sparkly top c/o City Chic, Forever 21+ skirt, Addition Elle satin jacket, WLC tights, Payless flats, Reitmans necklace

This afternoon I'm heading to Saskatoon for a conference, where I'll get to see Ivan Coyote(!). I've decided not to bring my laptop, so I'll be without internet until Monday (though I'll probably still tweet from my phone). Have a good weekend all!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hi Again!

Wow, I can't believe it's been over three weeks since my last blog post! Lately I've found it really difficult to balance being present online and being present in real life. Real life has taken precedence (as it should!) but I've missed blogging and reading other people's blogs. Rest assured, I'll be posting more often from now on. Here are some photos and things from the last few weeks. My position on the pride centre's board of directors has left me busier than I expected, but I absolutely love it. (We have a big fundraiser coming up this weekend!) I've also fallen in love with intermedia art, thanks in part to an incredible professor and really cool peers. I've been busy with a capital B, but I'm so happy and really glad I made the move to Regina!

my friend's cat Luna, who I've been pet-sitting for the past few weeks //what I where almost every day (scarf crocheted by my sister) // polka dots (!) and a very queer day // Luna watching Parks & Rec // gender bender party to celebrate the queer youth group's first anniversary // adorable guinea pig stickers found post-Valentine's day // aftermath from a recent art performance (my first time stretching a canvas - can you tell?)