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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am such a novice blogger. I just widened the width of my blog posts with the help of this FAQ answer to make room for pictures, only to find that all of the font is so small. Ina perfect world, I'd be able to wrap my head around HTML; in this imperfect world, I'll try to fiddle with the layout over the weekend.

Somethin' Fancy

I don't normally wear make up to school, but Tuesday morning I had an extra few minutes. It was nice to feel a bit fancy, especially after missing school the previous week.


o hello


As you can tell I have a very distinct line between the tops of my cheeks and my eyes. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that they're not bags, simply the natural shape of my face. When I wear my glasses, which is nearly all the time, you can't tell so when I take them off I'm a bit overwhelmed. Oh well, who says a fat girl with distinct circles under her eyes can't be cute?


violet florals

guinea pig

The scarf is thrifted and the guinea pig button/pin is self made (the image is from a textbook from 1972). As for the rest of the outfit: same giraffe swetashirt, same skinny ON jeans, and same black Aldo flats as always.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

WIWT - Saturday night!





dirty boots




Dress is from Old Navy, size XXL. Cape-cardigan is from Walmart, size 3X. Belt is from Northern Reflections, size XL I believe. Leggings are from American Apparel, size XL. Boots are from Naturalizer, size 11. Bangle is from Ten Thousand Villages. Purse is thifted. Scarf is from a local boutique.

I don't really have have much to say right now. Or, I have a lot to say but not just yet. I'm going to have a cup of coffee, unwinde, etc. Do excpet a wordy post or two by tomorrow afternoon, if not tonight.

As always, thanks for reading!

Autumn Look

I've never shopped at Banana Republic, though I do shop at Old Navy and occasionally the Gap (I shopped their more often when I was a size 16). But since they all share the same website/shopping bag, I stumbled across this fabulous outfit.

The wool coat! The jeans! The nude heels! The clutch! This is a perfect autumn outfit, and now all I can wish is that they offered plus sizes. Sigh. That being said, this outfit can totally be rocked by a woman of any size, but finding the specific pieces may be tough.

Welcome to the family!

Two weeks ago our budgie of three years, Paul, passed away while we were out of town over Thanksgiving weekend. Our female bird, Grape, really needed another mate so last evening my dad and I picked out a beautiful new male budgie, and got them new a cage as well. His name is Sky and I think he is so cute. I love his colouring.


Here are the two budgies in their new cage, the one on the right is Grape.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Tegan&Sara News!

Tegan and Sara's new album, Sainthood, is now being streamed on Myspace in it's entirety! The stream runs until Friday, so listen while you can. Click here to listen. And don't forget, the album goes on sale next Tuesday! I'm very impressed with their new music but as I've said before it is very different from their previous work.

For those of you who..uhm...don't really care, the T&S posts should die down eventually. Sorry! I'm just so excited!

Fantasy Shopping

I think I've entered the horrible gates of "It's winter! You're sick!" This is the second cold I've had this autumn and I feel awful! At least being at home covered in Vick's Vapour Rub gives me a chance to do some e-browsing, right?

Thanks to Christina at
Musings of a Fatshionista for the heads up on this fabulous Etsy designer, Babooshka Boutique. She offers sizes XS - L, but has this posted on her main page:

XL = special order. I love doing special orders. Please message me with your request and size and I will answer you with all of the details. All special orders & custom orders are non refundable but I will always do whatever alterations or changes within reason that I can do for a buyer.

I'm absolutely loving the oversized, dark jersey pieces, especially this dress in both black and grey.

How would I wear it? With these pull-on jeans from Torrid (if shipping to Canada wasn't so expensive), these ankle boots from Barefoot Tessa, a long necklace like this one from Mod Cloth or this one from Urban Outfitters, a wide bangle, and a big, patterned vintage scarf. It would a perfect easy, casual but still totally chic outfit.

I've never purchased anything from Etsy but OH is this dress getting me all excited.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today is my mom's birthday so my mom, father, and I are about to go out for dinner at Moxie's. This is what I'm wearing tonight.

I'm getting a bit better at taking these photos but I still can't get my shoes in the outfit picture, and I always have alot of extra space above my head that I crop out. I also don't really have a good location to take them, either. This weekend is warm, so I'm still using my balcony, but the truth is that it's practically winter here (I'm not kidding, it snowed last weekend and all week!). Hhhmm, something to think about.
T-shirt is from Urban Outfitters. Skirt is from American Apparel. Cardigan is from Alloy. Tights are from Addition-Elle. Blue bangle is thrifted. Gold bangle is from Ten Thousand Villages. Necklace is thrifted. Shoes are from Aldo.
I love this skirt, and wear it so often, that I really should buy another one in a different colour. Green, purple, or black, what do you think?
Happy Birthday Mom!
I'm off to go eat some yummy, yummy food. Yum!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Too Big For My Skin

I just had to share this inspiring piece of spoken word by Desdamona. It was originally brought to my attention by user wonderwall on the Feministing Community. This is just incredible.

"If they tell you you're too big for a woman, tell them you're just too big for your skin."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Yum!

This is what I had for lunch today. I love making and packing my own lunches.

  • sliced fresh strawberries

  • Mediterranean pasta salad: rainbow rotini, yellow pepper, cucumber, grape tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, and Newman own's Italian dressing

  • salted sunflower seeds

  • juice!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Outfits Galore!

I don't have too much to say right now, but I thought I'd share some outfits from my weekend.

What I wore Friday night to go out for dinner with my parents, sister, and her boyfriend after a long car ride with those same people.

This dress is one of those things that feels too short to wear with leggings and too long ot wear with jeans. I'm sure this is where jeggings would come in, right?

Dress is from Old Navy. Jeans are from Old Navy. Cardigan is from Alloy. Shoes are from Aldo.

What I wore Saturday to visit with family, which also involved eating pizza, and playing Wii Sports Resort.

Sweatshirt is from Alloy. Jeans are from Old Navy (same as above). Shoes are from Aldo (same as above). Socks are from Sears..likely.

What I wore Sunday afternoon to go to the mall.

Top is from Penningtons. Jeans are from Old Navy (same as above). Shoes are from Aldo (same as above).

What I wore for Thanksgiving Dinner with my large extended family.

Dress is second hand. Both necklaces are second hand. Leggings are from American Apparel. Belt is from Northern Reflection. Shoes are from Aldo (same as above).
As always, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fancy dancy

Okay, okay, I spoke to soon in my last post, I'm not done posting yet! This isn't exactly an OOTD as I didn't wear it out today, and I'm certainly not wearing it to school tomorrow. But it's not exactly "dress-up" either as I definitely would wear it out. I'd have never thought to tuck a cardigan into a high-waisted skirt until I saw the lovely Paige of Midwest Darling do it. When it came to accessorizing I stuck with silver and green. Good/bad? I love this skirt a lot and would love to get it in other colours. I'd definitely wear this with tights or leggings (for warmth and modesty sakes) and flats.

Skirt is from American Apparel. Cardigan is from Alloy. Tank top is from Old Navy. Largest bangle is from Ten Thousand Villages, others are thrifted. Both rings are from street vendours. Elephant pin is thrifted. Scarf was gifted by my sister.


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I'm still having trouble adjusting to the school year and the rapidly changing season, but things are beginning to smooth out. I'm also going out of town this weekend for Thanksgiving, so I won't be posting again until Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Canadians!
Just so this post isn't a boring waste of time, here are some things I've enjoyed on the internet this week:

  • Gabi of YFF showed off her City Chic freebies and I'm happy to report that yes, City Chic DOES ship to Canada.
  • I've recently discovered The Manfattan Project and I am in love! Not only idoes it feature larger bodies, I also feel as though it showcases a wide variety of styles, unlike a lot of street style blogs in my opinion. My favourite looks posted would be this one and this other one here.
  • Tegan and Sara have posted the first single from their new album Sainthood on their website and it's also available for download on iTunes. I am ... astounded. It's incredibly different from their earlier work but is, of course, totally incredible. Tegan and Sara also state that they plan to do some fundraising for non-profit organizations supporting people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. I applaud them for this action! I am very passionate about eradicating homelessness in Canada and am especially troubled by it's obvious links to rascism against Canadian Aborginal people. Tegan and Sara are quite well known in Canada, America, and Europe and I hope that they can effectively call attention to this problem.
  • Jessica of Feministing shares some wedding pictures. I can't help but smile.
  • Lesley of Fatshionista lets us know that eShakti has actually increased their standard sizes offered. This is a very positive move! I've never bought from eShakti but I've certainly drooled over some of their items. Either way, it is still totally awesome that a company is actually increasing the sizes offered.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shitty fucking night

Please excuse the way this is written. I'm an avid feminist but a mediocre writer. I really feel the need to share this.

It’s Saturday, 9:45 pm but it’s already pitch black. I’m downtown. After a questionable evening, I was walking from a coffee shop to my bus stop 3 blocks away. I’m listening to Sarah Harmer on my iPod and I’m off in thought. A white limo pulls up and stops at a red light. From the undone window I can see inside. A blue light is on and I can see at least half of the people inside: white, thin, well-dressed, straight-seeming, clearly higher class. The girls are all tanned, wearing spaghetti straps and have perfectly done up hair. I make a judgement; I assume that these people are assholes. I continue walking. I suspect they are quietly commenting about me, but I don’t hear anything until one of the guys sitting closest to the window yells “let us see some tits!” I stop. I pull out one of my ear plugs and start yelling louder than I’ve ever yelled before. “You are a fucking sexist pig! You’re a misogynist! Have fun sitting in you fucking white limo drinking alcohol you fucking ignorant asshole!” They begin rolling up the tinted window and say something else that I don’t hear. I yell a final “fuck you!” before they close the window entirely. I take a deep breath in and before a thought can even enter my mind a man next to me, stopped waiting for the crosswalk, says “I totally agree with you.” I smile and say “thank you” and continue on my way to the bus stop.

What I wore on a cold Saturday in autumn...

... to go out for coffee with my mom.

Sweatshirt from Alloy, jeans from Old Navy, scarf from Le Chateau, coat from Value Village, shoes from Naturalizer, ring from a farmer's market.

I love this jacket. I got it for $4, it's a 3x so it's big enough to fit a sweater under it, and for something beige and second hand there is not a single spot on it! The only thing I wish was different is that it had had the belt that obviously came with it originally, but that's alright.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Alloy review - finally!

Sorry for the lack of OOTDs lately, I'm just not wearing anything worth posting. I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the school year and the rapidly changing season. I wake up an hour past my alarm clock, freezing cold and it's pitch black outside, and I just throw something comfy and warm on and run. But today I was excited to find, when I got home from school, a package from Alloy. I made the order on September 7 but it was an international order. I was very pleased with my order, so onto the "review."

First up is this
oversized giraffe print sweatshirt in xxxl. I was worried that it might not be "oversized" on me but it's perfect. The giraffe motif is very cute I think, and the sweater drapes well. It is a thin material but I like that - it's not too bulky or hot. All in all, A+.

Next up is
this cardigan in both red and grey, both in xxxl. It's lightweight which, again, I appreciate. I hate feeling bulky and uncomfortably warm. I like the 3/4 length sleeves and the short length of it. It feels a bit more snug around my midsection than I like but it's not actually that snug so it's more personal preference. I plan to wear them unbuttoned anyways so no problem there.

Sorry about the annoying curvy-mirror pictures, I'm a bit lazy.
I am still waiting for my t-shirt order from righteousbabe.com to arrive, and I'm having a bit of trouble getting these shoes delivered from Aldo. Come on UPS, who's home during the middle of the day? And why to I have to talk to a creepy automated voice that can comprehend what I'm saying instead of a person?
Either way though, I am just overflowing with positive energy right now, and I'll be posting and outfit post over the weekend.