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Monday, May 30, 2011


I had a wonderful time in Vancouver this past week! We arrived Monday afternoon and had a busy, fun-filled few days before leaving Friday morning. We spent Tuesday at Stanley Park, Wednesday was my sister's graduation, and on Thursday we went to Granville Island before seeing Hairspray at the Stanley theatre. Here are (more than) a few pictures from my trip, hope you enjoy!

Vancouver 2011 002

Vancouver 2011 018

Vancouver 2011 020

Vancouver 2011 050

Vancouver 2011 059

Vancouver 2011 065

Vancouver 2011 080

Vancouver 2011 090

Vancouver 2011

Vancouver 2011 155

Vancouver 2011 209

Vancouver 2011 220

Vancouver 2011 238

Vancouver 2011 240

Vancouver 2011 272

Vancouver 2011 294

Vancouver 2011 332

Vancouver 2011 335

Vancouver 2011 343

Vancouver 2011 347

Vancouver 2011 351


  1. So I was scrolling down through your photos, going, "Oh yeah! That's cool. I like that Japanese candy store. Hmm, I haven't visited Stanley Park in a while... OMG BANDIDAS!" :) It's one of the few places in town my parents *have* to go to whenever they come visit. I hope you enjoyed your meal!

  2. Wow - lovely photos. I really would love to visit Canada. I have heard that Vancouver is a little like the city I live in - Wellington (NZ) so I am very intrigued by it:) I love those giant pocky! Cute. Also that meal looks amazing.

  3. yay Vancouver! I love love love this place. Looks like you had a great time! I am so jealous you went to Hairspray. I am brokesauce and probably cannot go. Also, Much like dotted lines I saw the bandidas photo and went BANDIDAS!!! Favorite restaurant in Vancouver!