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Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm a bit late to be posting about my "new year's resolutions," but I still wanted to share my goals for 2012 and those for January. The problem with making goals for the new year is that an entire year is such a long time. Who knows what my goals will be in 6 months – certainly not me! So while I do have a few goals that may take all of 2012, or that won’t be accomplished until later in the year, one of my biggest goals is to make monthly goals. I hope this will make it easier to accomplish these goals (and I plan to share with you when I do!).

Goals for 2012

  • get my license (finally!)
  • stick to my budget
  • keep all of my notes neat and organized
  • get my own place and decorate (I can't wait!)
  • read one just-for-fun book a month
  • create monthly goals for every month this year
  • get my passport
  • send more mail! (who doesn't love receiving mail?)
  • find out all there is to love about Regina

Goals for January

  • make candy
  • re-organize and re-decorate my room
  • make cinnamon buns
  • get a Regina library card
  • ride my bike (since it's such a warm winter!)
  • try a new recipe


  1. Such a good idea to have a month to month list of goals - I have a monthly list of sewing/crafty goals, but perhaps I need to expand my list beyond that to a list of "everything" goals. I hope you post pics of the cinnamon buns & candy you make:)

  2. Oh i need these lists too.
    Which candy do you want to produce? ;)

  3. you inspired me to write down this month's list! i never thought of that! thank you so much :) and cute handwriting!

  4. I really love you blog!!!!!
    I wish you well with your goals for 2012! :-)

  5. What great goals! I've added 'make cinnamon rolls' to my boyfriend's January to-do list. Hehe. I wish you luck with all of your fun goals!