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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Floral Blues

After many interviews and much worrying, I've finally found a full-time job for the summer. I'll be working for a local HIV/AIDS non-profit organization and I'm really excited about it. I don't start until next Monday, and with the stress of job hunting gone I've been able to relax and enjoy a bit of a holiday. This has, admittedly, meant spending a lot of time in sweatpants reading on my balcony and watching Criminal Minds, but it's nice to get dressed up and join the real world on occasion. Last night a friend and I went to a literary open mic and had a really great time. This week is the Cathedral Village Arts Festival and there are a tonne of of events and activities all week. I hope to enjoy as much of it as possible before I start my 9-5 job!

thrifted Reitmans dress, thrifted necklace, AA cardigan, WLC tights, F21 boots


  1. Congratz for your summer job. Sound very challenging.

  2. interesting work, good luck.
    you look great :)

  3. I love your skirt....looks like spring... ;)

  4. This is something I would totally wear. I love mixing lace up boots with a feminine skirt/dress. The cardigan is a nice touch, too.


  5. You look so gorgeous, I adore this blue necklace. Good luck with the new job, it's always exciting (and unsettling at first) to start a new job.


  6. Cute outfit! Love that dress (^_^) x