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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A recent outfit post, finally!

Last Friday my roommate and I went on a hunt for boots and thankfully The Shoe Company and Penningtons are right next to one another. I have such big feet (a super fat size 11) that shoe shopping can be a chore, but I still love it. I'm pretty excited that Penningtons is carrying footwear, and even though the size 11 knee high boots sold out weeks ago, I was happy to snag a pair of these cute little booties. I picked up this dress on sale for $15 at the same time and ended up wearing them out that night for drinks.

Please excuse my awkward facial expressions, it seems I've forgotten how take outfit photos.

Penningtons dress and booties, thrifted shirt and purse, 
necklace from the Tin Box in Edmonton


  1. I love the dress, it is such great colors. I know what you mean about having big feet, I wear a size 11 too and I usually give up trying to find a pair I actually like because it feels like such a chore and almost all shoes hurt my feet but that could be because I'm also really flat footed too.