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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Short hair

I've wanted to have short hair for ever, so two weeks ago I decided to just do it. It's still growing on me, but I've gotten a lot of compliments and the back of my neck feels so free (something I'm grateful for with these rising temperatures).

Check out that prairie sky in the last photo! My sister visited from Vancouver last weekend, and we rented a car and spent a full day outside of the city. The landscape is so beautiful, seeing how the sunset affects the entire sky is especially amazing, and I'll be sure to share more pictures very soon. For now, I should get back to cleaning and packing. Did I mention I'm moving in less than three weeks?

Friday, June 14, 2013


The only way to get over a fear of jersey pencil skirts is to just wear one, right?

Old Navy skirt, Penningtons boots, polka-dotted romper turned tunic from Dots (how perfect!)

I bought this skirt last fall and can probably count the number of times I've worn it on one hand. It's so beautiful, and such a statement piece, but... it's a stretchy cotton pencil skirt. It's tight. And clingy. And shows off just how fat I am. The horror! I've been downsizing my closet, and this is one item I am not willing to get rid of, so I finally just got over myself and wore it out. And I almost won the battle, but it rides up like nobody's business. I'm not sure if it's the shorts I was wearing underneath, but if it had ridden up without the shorts I would've been showing off my underwear half way through the evening.  Some people's cup of tea, but not the case for this modest miss. 

I wore this a few weekends ago to the final evening of Regina's queer film festival (Queer City Cinema) to see I Am Divine! Amazing film, a little too much fatphobia. Did you know that no thin person has ever died before? Never ever. No? Me either. After the film my friends and I went to the gay bar, where I got laughed at by some dudes. This is why I don't like the gay bar. I always enjoy grabbing a pint with friends, though, and this is why I go there anyway. I wonder what it would be like to be in a space that actually felt "inclusive." I understand I have a lot of privileges, but even so I cannot begin to fathom what true inclusivity would feel like. 

This necklace is one I made myself. Over the past year I'd gotten in the habit of making jewellery to go along with the ceramics projects, and lately I've been working on a lot of flowers and maggots (and fat tummies). I've been thinking of selling jewellery online, but I'm not sure if it'd
be worthwhile. If I do, no fears, I have plenty of necklaces sans maggots for you folks less in the grotesque.