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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Make up? Old make-up!

As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm frequently looking through and posting old photos. Well, I'm here to do that again. I used to belong to make-up forums, and wore more interesting make-up more often. Here ya' go:

kdays 024

makeups 002

MAKE 003

nj 138

nj 159

pin-up 009

swatch 060

wooo 022

wooo 058

I have that mouth-always-open syndrome, which is sometimes annoying and sometimes sexy. Right now I'm going to say it's sexy. ;)


  1. It's totally sexy. You really are gorgeous, love.
    The six, seventh, and eight are my favourites.
    Is your lipstick matte in the sixth? Either way, it's glorious.
    Also, the short hair in the second really suits you. :]

  2. i'm always looking for fun ways to spice up my makeup, so thanks for the post!

    ps. i LOVE your haircut in the second pic. i totally wish i could do that.. damn cowlicks!

  3. So prettyyyy! I love the red lips! What product do you use?

  4. thank you all! i prefer having my hair longer now, but i still think that short haircut was the best haircut i've gotten.

    @Gabi, i line and then fill in my lips entriely with red lip liner (NYX lipliner in hot red), then apply red lipstick overtop with a lip brush (Wet N Wild lipstick in 519A hot red) and then if a want a glossier look, i apply MAC lipgelee in dewy jube overtop, again with a lipbrush

  5. your face is stunning! love the way you accentuate it with the make up.

  6. great blog and amazing make up, especially the 3rd one, love the color!