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Friday, March 19, 2010

Things That I Am Good At

Being my 100th post, I was hoping I'd have something fantastic to post. I don't, but I do have a list of things that I'm good at. It's important to recognize your talents, skills, and positive attributes. And so, Things That I Am Good At, a list:

- baking brownies
- pottery
- doodling leaves, vines, paisley, wheat...
- writing poems for my friends
- cooking a portobello mushroom and rice casserole
- English presentations, apparently
- making up silly songs on the spot
- sleeping
- having high self-esteem

Maybe I will wear some nice clothes this weekend, and post about it. Tomorrow I'm going to school to work on pottery for a couple of hours. How nerdy is it to be going to school on a Saturday?

Love y'all ♥

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