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Monday, April 5, 2010

Teal, Turquoise, Aquamarine

What I wore on my second day in Vancouver to go to the beach, do some impromptu shopping, and get caught in the rain.


Dress - thrifted, size 1X
Cardigan - Alloy, size XXXL
Scarf - borrowed from my sister, from Le Chateau I believe
Bike shorts - American Apparel, women's size L
Flip-flops - Old Navy size 11

These shorts are great. My hips/but/thighs are a size 20-22 and I'm fitting into a size large. They're snug, sure, but very comfortable. I've been meaning to get shorts to wear under dresses for ages, but didn't want to deal with ordering on line or driving around the city. I was pleased to walk 2 blocks to American Apparel and find exactly what I was looking for. They prevent chub rub and help me feel a bit more comfortable and modest in dresses. Modesty is a problematic concept, yes, but I don't want to be showing my undies to strangers. They're also 95% cotton, which I love.


  1. Loving it! I also subscribe to cotton bike shorts under skirts/dresses, because I get chub rub even in winter :(

  2. very cute :) i may have to stock up on bike shorts for this summer lolz

  3. tres jolie tenue,ca sent l ete deja ;O)


  4. Love those colours! And kudos on braving the beach in this weather. Vancouver is really much more lovely in the summer time. ;)

    I've been looking for a pair of shorts for under dresses/skirts for a while now. It's my must buy list for the summer, especially since I've got a bike and an affinity for skirts! Looks like I'm heading over to American Apparel.

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