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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I said I wasn't going to quit posting just because my camera is broken, but that was a bit of a lie, since I haven't been posting. My camera is still broken, but I thought I'd share a few other things, including old outfits. I've been uploading a lot to lookbook.nu, please check it out.

Some older outfits that you may have seen before, but probably not. Some have been uploaded to lookbook though. :)

I had a monroe piercing for a couple of months right when I turned 16. I really liked how it looked, but it kind of irritated me. I'd consider getting it again, but definitely not while I have braces!


ohhyaa 002

june 14 108

purple florals

pey 011

You may notice that I look a bit smaller in the older photos I post. From Sept 2008 - May 2009 I gained about 50 lbs. due to depression.

See? My balcony's not always ugly. In fact, with flowers in bloom it's quite lovely.

Oh, and I bought my grad dress. It's quite simple, but fits wonderfully and I'm excited to dress it up with accessories. You can click here for a closer look.

It's finally raining in Edmonton. Everything's green, trees have begun leafing out in the past day, and the air smells so clean. It's supposed to rain on and off for the next week, and I'm looking forward to it. Now if only I could find my floral umbrella...

Friday, April 23, 2010

"If you were a season you would be in bloom."

Hello all,

I regretfully must tell you that I dropped my camera and it's broken. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase a new camera soon, but until then I obviously won't be posting any outfits. I have no intention of a blogging hiatus, and I'll try to keep things as interesting as possible. Love you all! ♥

About a month ago I took Camera Obscura's album "My Maudlin Career" out from the library, solely because of the beautiful CD cover. This band is absolutely wonderful, and I'm so glad that I grabbed that CD on a fluke.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Florals, Stripes, and Everything Nice!

Today was the first day this year I've gone bare-legged to school. I don't normally like to do it, but today was too perfect an opportunity to pass up. It was quite warm out (25˚C) and I had a field trip this morning so I only had to sit in one desk all day. I'm glad I decided to go bare-legged, and although it took a bit of courage, it left me feeling very confident.

. . .

Shirt - Old Navy, size XXL
Skirt - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Flats - American Eagle, size 11

This may seem a bit backwards, especially since fat people aren't hyper-sexualised, but I felt a lot more sexual showing a little bit of my thighs in school than my thin peers who wear shorts with 3" inseams. Something to think about, I guess.

ETA: I've had a lookbook account for over a year, but never really posted outfits. I'll admit that I think lookbook is elitist and pretentious, but I do enjoy posting photos of my outfits. Now that a few other fatshionable folk have lookbook accounts, I've decided to start posting outfits there. Check it out: http://lookbook.nu/anomalous_allure
Do any of you have lookbook? If so, give me the link in comments and I'll be sure to send you some love. Or 'hype' you, I guess.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Charming Items Around The Interwebs

Why is e-browsing so addictive? Sigh.


Barefoot Tess:

(their shoes are comfortable and long-lasting, and go up to 12WW)

Asos Curve:


Old Navy:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Purple Leopard

I thrifted this top this past Wednesday. It's admittedly a little bit ugly, but I think it's quite cool. I think it's time to take back the patterned, over-sized tunic!

I wore this tonight to see a really great play, Speech and Debate.

004 .



Tunic - thrifted
Tank top (underneath) - Old Navy, size XXL
Pants - Old Navy, size 18
Flats - American Eagle, size 11
Necklace - a gift from my parents, purchased from a local vintage jewellery and antique store

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day of Silence Outfit

Today was the Day of Silence, a day to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools, and so I went the entire school day without talking. Wow! Our school's GSA encouraged students to wear pink and/or yellow. I don't own much of either colour, so I whipped up a yellow scarf. About 10 students took an oath of silence, and did a silent march through the hallways at lunch. I'm not sure how successful the day was overall, but the school's teachers and administrators were very supportive. Today's was outfit was planned entirely around this event.

Sorry that the pictures aren't top quality, I took them early this morning while the sun was low in the sky.

. .

what's that on the ground? .

end homophobia

floral book back

white gold

sunny yellow

Pants - Old Navy, size 18
T-shirt - thrifted, mens size XXL (the text was free handed using fabric paint)
Cardigan - Alloy, size XXXL
Circle scarf - DIYed using a thrifted t-shirt
Flats - American Eagle, size 11
Floral book bag - thrifted
Striped bangles - Ten Thousand Villages
Other bangles - thrifted

I recieved my mid-semester marks today, and I'm very pleased with them. These are the marks that matter when registering for university courses, and I'm happy to say that I met my personal goals in all of the classes. Oh, and it was 21˚C today! Warm enough to not need a jacket at all.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Of all I've posted lately, I've been saving the best for last!

The Jean Queen
2277 Commercial Drive, between Grandview and 6th Avenue
(about half a block from the Broadway Skytrain Station)

Walking on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC, I absent-mindedly followed my older, smaller sister into this store. I walked around the store for a few minutes before I even realised they sold plus-sizes. Their plus-size racks were labeled "Curvy Chicks" which I though was cute, but I know isn't everyone's cup of tea. They carry sizes up to a 3X/24, I believe, and the clothes were in the $25-$80 range. I was really happy with the selection they offered. They had good quality, relatively trendy items. The selection is not huge, but considering the physical size of the store and the selection of straight-sized items, it is pretty fair. The racks of plus-sized clothing weren't hidden away at the back but actually at the front of the store. The staff were incredibly nice and helpful. I first tried on a dress and wasn't super happy with it. When the woman working there asked me how I liked it I said "Okay" and she responded with "We need better than okay." She went and grabbed me three more dresses in the correct size, one of which is the one I purchased. I cannot recommend this store enough, and I'll definitely be returning there the next time I'm in Vancouver.

. .
. .

This dress is a size 20, and was purchased for $46. The belt came with it, but because of the seaming under the bust I prefer the dress without it. The belt is reversible, on one side the leather at the front is patent, and on the other side it is not. This belt will be great with other outfits.

Here's what I'm actually wearing out tonight.

. .

Dress - The Jean Queen, size 20
Belt - came with the dress
Cardigan - American Apparel, unisex size L
Bike shorts - American Apparel, womens size L
Tights - Addition-Elle, size 3X
Boots - Naturalizer, size 11
Necklace - Forever 21
Hat - Ricki's

all smiles

A day look using the Lise Watier palette I blogged about earlier.