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Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm thinking we should take a trip to the city

I made a quick trip home to Edmonton this past weekend and I'm sure glad I did. I was feeling quite homesick. My dad was driving my aunt to the airport Friday afternoon so it wasn't that far out of the way to pick me up in Camrose. That being said, it was hardly smooth sailing - our car broke down on the edge of the city and we ended up waiting outside in the freezing wind for over half an hour waiting for a tow truck! We were on a freeway with no emergency lights so we couldn't even stay in the car. We eventually got home safely though, the car should already be fixed by now. I spent Saturday afternoon with one of my good friends and had a lovely time. We met for lunch and then spent the afternoon on Whyte Ave, which is how we usually spend our time (I live & she works on Whyte - the hippest~ part of Edmonton). We had lunch at Tokyo Noodle Shop, did a bit of faux-shopping at the Tinbox and the Junque Cellar, had coffee and bought books at Chapters and finished off with cake from Death by Chocolate. (If you're in or around Edmonton, those would be a few of my favourite places on Whyte!)

This striped top is actually one of my favourites, even though I've only posted photos of it twice before. It's no secret that I love horizontal stripes, and grey and black is a gorgeous colour combination. I positively love the length and the way it drapes - I can wear it with leggings, jeggings, or jeans and it's perfect on early mornings when the idea of layering baffles me. I paired it with my trusty Old Navy jeggings and some new jewellery for a cute weekend look.

top from Addition-Elle, jeggings from Old Navy, boots from Naturalizer



rings from Penningtons ($2.50 each), American Apparel nail lacquer in Mount Royal

bib necklace
bib necklace from the Tinbox

Here are a few photos from my Saturday:

Japanese tea pot
Japanese tea pot

Spicy uramaki
Chef's spicy uramaki from Tokyo Noodle Shop

Bento box (a really affordable lunch, only $10 including miso soup and rice)

vintage dresses
vintage dresses at the Junque Celler

vintage lace

paisley mannequin

junque cellar

cheesecake at Death By Chocolate

Chapters purchases
my Chapters' purchases


  1. aaah! the junque cellar! it has been so long since i've been there, glad to hear it is still around!

  2. Ah, David Levithan's new book! I have to get my hands on that soon; I love his writing.

  3. You've styled the look beautifully, I also love your snapshots.



  4. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, oh god is it heart wrenching. I'm still emotionally scarred. Love the striped sweater.

  5. That top is great - I especially love that you paired a bib necklace with it. I wouldn't have thought to do that and it looks great - I'm going to try it now :)

  6. You are so beautiful! As is that vintage dress. That looks like such a great little shop. I wish i lived closer!

  7. It DOES look good on you! I just got my first pair of jeggings and am in love!

  8. It looks like you had a great time! Always look forward to reading your posts.


    Camilla x

  9. I think you've succeeded in making Edmonton look cool :)

  10. I love your hair ! :)