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Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm not a particular sophisticated person, but this outfit made me feel very sophisticated. I guess that's the magic of a structured jacket.

ocot 031


These jeans fit perfectly, but I wish they had belt loops. Pants have a tendency to fall down on me, a curse of having a big stomach with small hips. But I ended up getting the for free so I can't complain. I ordered them from Asos when they were on sale for $25, and when I hadn't received the a month later I emailed the people at Asos to ask what happened. They replied telling me that they hadn't sent them out at all, and since they were now out of stock they refunded my money. A few weeks later, though, they arrived at my parents door step! I don't mean to look gift jeans in the mouth, but do any of you know if it's possible to add belt loops?

ocot 038

I love polka dots, especially big polka dots, so when I saw this top at Old Navy I couldn't say no. I didn't like the sleeves (very voluminous with elastic at the bottom) so I snipped them right off. I figured I'd regret this decision - I often act too fast with a pair of scissors - but thankfully I didn't. I love the little flutter-sleeve going on here!


ocot 040

Jeans - Asos Curve size UK 26
Top - Old Navy size XXL
Jacket - Reitmans size 22
Boots - Naturalizer size 11W
Scarf - the Tin Box in Edmonton
Watch - gifted

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, fellow Canadians! I'm a firm believer that Monday is the holiday, but I'm sure a lot of you celebrated today. I'll be celebrating (alone) tomorrow. Who can say no to pumpkin pie? I'll have a little post about it up tomorrow.


  1. large polka dots are win! i also really dig the boots. i'm too chicken to wear boots. are the Naturalizer boots comfortable?

  2. Thanks! I've found them to be very comfortable. I have two pairs and they're both great. I find my suede pair to be a bit more comfortable than this one, but this one isn't uncomfortable or anything. Not all of their wide calf boots are as wide as others, so it's good to try them on and get a feel. (I ordered two pairs last fall, kept these ones and returned the others). Hope that helps!

  3. Great outfit. How many jackets did you have to try on to get one that fits so nicely?

  4. Your jacket is gorgeous - I love the colour! :)

  5. You certainly look sophisticated, I love this jacket on you!
    I really like your blog, I've been reading it for quite some time and never said hello.. so: hi :)

  6. @geetabix, thank you! I have a really hard time finding jackets that fit and this one was just luck of the draw. I was in Reitmans (which I rarely am) and this jacket just happened to fit perfectly. The corduroy has a bit of stretch, so that definitely helps

    @Ki, thank you! I love the colour too

    @Katha, thank you! and thanks for stopping by to say hi :)

  7. I absolutely love this outfit and I'm a polka dot lover myself. If it has polka dots, I'm pretty much ready to sign the marriage papers :)

    I think, although I am really sewing impaired, that you could sew some belt loops onto your pants? I have trouble with pants falling down too but it is because my lack of a booty. Boo at lack of booty.

    I really love the color of the blazer and scarf as well.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I think we Canadians got the better deal with Thanksgiving- early enough so it doesn't feel so close to Christmas! I love the jacket. I have the same problem- jackets never fit most times. Hope you enjoy the pumpkin pie, I'll be enjoying sweet potatoes and maybe a turkey burger :)