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Monday, October 10, 2011


Weekends are tough for me. They feel like a let down from the busyness of the week and living on campus only adds to this (my environment goes from busy, bustling, and loud to totally empty and quiet). It doesn't help that I expect weekend to magical and joyous, when really they I should be using the time to do school work and chores. I'm trying to balance the hours in the weekend so I can do what I need to do, and what I want to. Just because I need to clean and do readings doesn't mean my weekend have to be boring and lonesome. As this was my first Thanksgiving without family I was more homesick than usual, but I did my best to stay positive and celebrate on my own. So without further ado, this weekend I...

...went thrifting for the first time since moving to Regina

ocot 021

and found a tonne of great things

thanks 006

...refashioned a thrifted chain necklace into two bracelets

thanks 018

thanks 019

I used this tutorial from Honestly...WTF for the braided bracelet

...tried pumpkin pie milkshakes (recipe via A Beautiful Mess)

thanks 029

I made two of these, one on Friday and one this afternoon, and they are so good

...did a major cleaning of my room, including doing a bit more decorating

thanks 036

not only is it livable - it feels like home

...made a Thanksgiving dinner for one

thanks 051

I had considered just making everything from a box, but I really like cooking and rarely have time to do it, so I made the mashed potatoes and stuffing from scratch, used a ix for the gravy, and bought the pumpkin pie

thanks 045

making the stuffing on the stove top so was easy, I'll have to keep it mind come Christmas

thanks 053

and, of course, pumpkin pie is the best part of the meal

...finally made this cute little owl pouch Nicole got me for my birthday & painted my nails using this technique from The Dainty Squid

thanks 067

...spent a lot of time thinking about who and what I'm thankful for

I can't fully articulate it without turning into a blubbering mess... in the last three years my life has become increasingly wonderful, and I'm forever grateful for everything that has let that happen. I'm thankful for my loving, supportive family, my wonderful friends, access to the antidepressants that keep me functioning (and alive), incredibly helpful therapists and doctors, the online fatshion/body acceptance community, positive queer communities... I could go on and on!

Thanks for letting me share my weekend with you. Hope you (and I) have a wonderful week to come!


  1. I've never been to a Value Village, I know I need to visit one. There are some near where I live but not super close.

    Pumpkin pie milkshakes? Yum! My fiance loves pumpkin pie, I will have to try that out on him.

    Holidays can be hard to celebrate on your own but sometimes it is nice to not have to share the goodies you make :) I was just noticing no meat, are you a vegetarian?

    I personally wish I didn't have such an addiction to meat.

    I love your nails and it is really nice having so much to be grateful for <3 I hope your weekends become more fun and exciting.

  2. Love weekends like this...great finds from the thrift store!

  3. Your dinner looks yummmmy. My favourite way to fill boring weekends is reading all the books in Chapters.

  4. Hey, I make a giveaway on my blog, do you want participate ? A lovely pair of blue earrings as a gift !

    xx, see you soon !


  5. looove the way you did your nails, and i've also been meaning to make those bracelets! yours turned out lovely!