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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I blog too infrequently (and I have a new scarf)

Wednesdays are my best days, it seems. Oh, Wednesday.

Here is what I wore today.

wednesdayweds 013

weds 016weds 058

weds 050

weds 055

Tank-top - Warehouse One size XXL
Cardigan - thrifted
Denim leggings - Old Navy size 18 (I love these so much, I have them in black and navy and I'm always wearing one)
Scarf - Warehouse One
Boots - Walmart size 11

In other news, I've finally joined Twitter and I'd love it if you follow me. As well as things relating to the blog, I'll also be posting regular day to day stuff.
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If you have Twitter, leave your username in comments and I'll take a peek.


  1. I LOOOVE your scarf, so pretty! I never think to wear scarves! c:

  2. I totally understand why you blog infrequently -- with the beginning of school the time for making posts has quite shorten for me too :/

    Btw I have a new blog (and I dare say it's better than the one before). I know you're a fan on Lookbook so maybe you'd be interested to follow me there as well :) http://on-a-hunt.blogspot.com/

    And my Twitter nick is _bargainista_

    Love, Meg

  3. The color of your cardigan is so pretty! ♥ perfect for autumn. I love the scarf too, the print is lovely. How are you liking twitter? It can get pretty addictive! xo


  4. I LOVE your style, Sonia. Every outfit is something I'd want to wear myself. :) I may or may not have gone through all the archives in my google reader for outfit ideas haha.

    My twitter name is freidabasa (it's my Hebrew name). I just followed you!

  5. I wore an outfit really similar to this the other day! I feel validated now. You look adorable in it -- and that scarf is fantastic! It reminds me of a really cute floral one I saw at Urban Outfitters the other day.

    and I followed you on Twitter! mine is taylorrness, though it's mostly be whining to the Internet powers-that-be.

  6. Pretty scarf! :) And the fit of your leggings is perfect!


  7. Oof! I thought that scarf was lovely on, but the details and fabric are absolutely gorgeous when shown in full. Perfect detail for an already adorable look!

  8. Cuuuute! Also, I didn't realize ON had leggings. I want some now.

  9. I love the scarf, it looks greet on you!

  10. Your eyes are GORGEOUS & I am DYING over that scarf. Beautiful