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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faith 21

I was planning on posting a proper outfit post tonight, but that got postponed. Thankfully my Faith 21 order came today and I couldn't be more excited to show you what I bought. This was my first experience with Faith 21 and I'm very impressed. My order came within 5 business days. I ordered almost everything (except for the striped cardigan) in a 3X, which fits my 52-46-54 body perfectly.

Faith21 skirt and shrug Faith21 shrug and skirt 2
Pretty Sequin Skirt and grey shrug (no longer on the website)
I love both of these pieces so much!

owls and stripes owls
Owl Print Sateen Top and preppy striped cardigan (no longer on the website)

The owl top has absolutely no stretch, something I usually rely on with my clothes, but I had to give it a chance because of its cute print. Thankfully it fits me well. It had this weird unnessecary tie at the back, but I just cut the thread there and the tie came off without damaging the shirt. This striped cardigan is so cute. I ordered it in a 2X because there was no 3X available. I probably could of done with a a 3X but hey, its a cardigan and I'll only wear it unbuttoned.

floral trimmed tunic
I love this top, but unfortunately it's no longer on the website. It is a bit low cut, but I figured it would be and it's nothing a tank can't solve. It has elastic at the waist and sleeves, but other than that the fabric has no stretch. It's super wrinkly right now, but hopefully that will improve after a wash.

cutesy owl pride

Lacquered Owl Necklace and Rainbow Heart Necklace

I love both of these necklaces. The owl is so quirky cute, and the rainbow heart necklace is so gay pride.

I ordered two other items, one that I'm saving for my Halloween costume and one that I'll be returning.
I am not impressed with this sweater at all. It's not as slouchy as it appears on the model and it is itchy as can be. So itchy that I couldn't leave it on long enough to snap a picture. Thankfully Forever 21 sent me a sticker for free shipping for returns.

I should not that I'm in Canada and so I placed my order on canada.forever21.com


  1. The first outfit is so cute! And I love the owl necklace :)

  2. that owl necklace is adorable! i love owl accessories! :)


  3. Oh my! What a fantastic sparkly skirt and that striped cardigan is so cute. I am so envious of these!


  4. I just found your blog and I love it:) And you're in Alberta too which is even nicer:) I'm in Edmonton!!


  5. I had no idea you could order from Faith21. We do have a Forever 21 in Montréal, but last I checked, we did not have anything from Faith21 because Canadians are all super-thin? I love the grey cardi, looks super versatile! The owl print is adorable, I have a tunic with that kind of print and it's super girly without being too obvious which I love!

  6. You look soooo adorable. ;p I haven't found anything I truly liked yet from Faith 21 which would make me want to immediately order. (I got like... 2 things from Faith 21 which I bought down South)

    @Karine: There's only Faith 21 in Toronto shops only. :( I hope Winnipeg will get the Faith 21 with our new Forever 21 store.

  7. sooo cute. love that first outfit tons! x

  8. I love the skirt and the owl top! :)

  9. holy crap that owl print is ADORABLE!

  10. I just ordered the same sparkly skirt from Faith21 just a few days ago and am so glad that I could see it on you first. I thought since Christmas is coming up, let's start being glittery. You look lovely in the skirt and I could only wish I could wear it as well. But i also did another stupid thing. I bought another mesh skirt with diamantes in 2X because 3X ran out but I love it so much that I am willing to try and now I think I am not going to be able to breathe in the 2X even if I could squeeze it on. :(

  11. You've probably heard this a dozen times from others but you are adorable.
    I like your style very much.
    And w00t, gay pride! XD