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Friday, November 12, 2010


houndstooth outfits houndstooth 017

This is the first time I've taken outfit photos outdoors in my new city. It's actually a bit silly because my campus is right next to a lovely and not very busy park. But still, being caught taking photos of yourself is a bit embarrassing.

purple purse pockets

I love this coat so much. It is so chic and fits me perfectly, which is rare for coats. And of course, for around $50 it is a total steal.

houndstooth 028 shoulder



plaid and ruffles


Houndstooth coat - Walmart size 3X
Skirt - Reitmans size 22
Tights - Addition Elle size 4X
Shirt - Warehouse One size XXL
Scarf - Wrehouse One
Shoes - Payless size 11
Purse - Tinbox
Hat - Payless


  1. I saw that coat at walmart and didn't buy it at the time and now I'm kicking myself in the arse. We're headed tomorrow to the Stony Plain Rd one so I'm going to check again and maybe make my next week mission to find.

    Do you find it warm??

  2. You look so good. I love your pictures, did you get a new camera? :)



  3. Fiona, I find the coat to be quite warm :)

    Thanks Gazel! and nope, its the sony cybershot I've been using since spring

  4. Sonia~

    Thanks...I asked on Twitter but you may not be on there now but did you get it in Camrose too? I may need to moved down there just for the shopping lol

    It could be my Winter coat if I can find it

  5. You look amaaaazing! Love the scarf btw :)

  6. love this. you look so pretty! x

  7. What a fabulous coat Sonia! It looks awesome on you, and the setting for these photos is great too.

  8. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  9. I know this is weird, but I really like your hairdo, any recommendations on how to get this haircut? Or pictures for my stylist? Pictures would be ace.

  10. Hi Sonia! It's been a while since I started visiting your blog, but just now I felt brave enough to comment here.
    I'm a brazilian fat girl, studing architecture, and I just love your blog!
    About this outfit which is totally amazing, I got crazy about the scarf, it's so lovely!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me, and another girls, with your great ideas of fashion and life.

    Kissus =**

    (p.s.: sorry if I commited any mistakes, I'm not that good with English)

  11. You look so WONDERFUL and tres chic! I love this entire combination and your hair is really becoming on you! Also really like the scarf and how the houndstooth coat suits you so well!

  12. Hello new follower. I love your style. I was looking at your previous posts and you really now how to dress! :]


  13. you are so beautiful! stunning! I love your look, the jacket and the shoes, tres chic. I also find it completely embarassing having people seing me getting my photos taken for the blog. I do them outside my building, so basically all the neighbours are giving me funny looks and comments every day LOL

    <3 Anika

  14. I love that coat! Adorable outfit.

  15. I really like how you mixed the prints in the shoes, coat and scarf. And I am pretty much drooling over that purple bag ;)

  16. Such a nice palette with the right pop accessories.

  17. You are so pretty!
    These pictures look awesome, it was worth the chance of embarrassment!
    I really like your scarf! It reminds me of a mini patchwork blanket or something.
    So that jacket is from Wal-Mart?! I shop there all the time and I guess I never noticed. Where have I been looking?! haha

  18. Love your scarf realy nice ;) And like usual you're so gorgeous ;)

    Xoxo from France, Leah.

  19. I love your style, in Italy we haven't got the same possibilities, are not many the shops wich offer good prices and nice cloths.

  20. Hey darling! I've been seeing your lookbook for months and I adore your looks! You're gorgeous and your looks are awesome =)

    I'd be very happy if you see my blog: http://thefatshiondiaries.blogspot.com


  21. I felt like I knew that skirt and it's because I have the same one which I'm currently wearing. You mixed with great pieces!

  22. What fantastic photos. You look like a fifties movie-star.

  23. Sonia - You are totally gorgeous! And what a lovely outfit :)
    You are looking very happy. I hope that is the case ;)

  24. Thank you for validating my decision to buy three articles of clothing with ruched sleeves in one day. You look great! xD