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Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Wear

Saturday morning I woke up much earlier than I normally do for a coffee date - proof that if you're charming and offer to buy me a latte you can pretty much get me to do anything.

winter 007

After coffee we headed to the university to hear Marci McDonald speak as part of the Parkland Institute's annual fall conference. I really enjoyed it, Marci McDonald is a wonderful speaker.

winter 001winter 002

Saturday was a nice day as far as winter goes. It wasn't snowing, windy, or unbearably cold, so I took the opportunity to take my photos outside. I love the early afternoon winter sunlight!

winter 005winter 008

I love these new boots. I've never had boots like this and they make me feel fancy.

floral, heart, bow
winter 010

Houndstooth coat - Walmart size 3X
Striped top - Old Navy size XXL
Grey tank - Warehouse One size XXL
Denim legging - Old Navy size 18
Wide shaft boots - Naturalizer size 11W
Necklace - Spring Shoes
Turquoise ring - handmade, purchased on campus
Purse - The Tinbox


  1. very cute and classic outfit. love the coat and boots!

  2. Did you order your boots online or did you find them in store? I had called every Naturalizer store in Edmonton and they didn't have wide calf boots, made me sad:(

    Love your outfit!!

  3. This outfit is so classic, its great!

  4. Fiona, I ordered them on the website. I've found size 11 boots instore, but never wide calf. Fortunately when you order online, you can still return to Naturalizer stores!

  5. Lovely look as usual! I was just singing the praises of Naturalizer this week - I picked up a pair of oxfords there yesterday. I LOVE that they offer size 11, and their sales are usually decent too :)

  6. You look great! Love the necklace!

  7. I LOVE THAT NECKLACE! Want want want! The rest of your outfit is beautiful too :) xoxo


  8. I really love the hounds-tooth against the strip. And your ring! I want a gold with turquoise ring so badly, but I keep finding cheap ones. I guess I need to be more serious about this search :) I may have to look into Naturalizer. Every boot I have tried on is too small in the calf.

  9. What a pretty necklace!!

    My new boots make me feel fancy too, ha!