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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sequin Skirt

Saturday night I went to the bar for a campus-hosted Battle of the Bands. There were only two bands but they were both great and I had a good time. I hadn't gone out since Halloween!


This was the first time I've actually worn this sequin skirt out. This is also the first time I've worn this Tegan & Sara shirt with anything other than jeans. Also I'm wearing way more black than usual!

dress and sequins 030smug smile

owl, sequins, tegan and saraoutfit

like a ladyowl!

ruffles and sequins

Tegan & Sara t-shirt - bought at concert, American Apparel unisex XXL
Sequin skirt - Faith 21, size 3X
Tights - Addition-Elle, size 4X
Flats - Payless size 11
Owl necklace - Warehouse One

Grey knit dress

Sorry for the poor quality photos, taken in our lackluster floor lounge no less. I was planning on taking nice photos outside, but I instead spent the entire afternoon/evening out with a friend. A "I'm not doing anything today, want to grab a coffee?" turned into an all-day date; we did a bit of browsing and went to the newly opened Starbucks before heading to Boston Pizza for dinner. Still, I loved this outfit and want to share it with you. This dress is new and I absolutely love it. It's so comfortable and cute. I love basic knit dresses for winter.

grey dressdress

dress and sequins 015dress 016

vintage broochowls

in starbucks

Grey dress - Walmart size 3X
Teal tights - Addition Elle size 3X
Black ankle boots - Walmart size 11
Owl necklace - Forever 21
Vintage brooch - Christmas gift from my parents

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bundles of Berries

The other day I coerced my friend and floor-mate Lauren to brave the cold outdoors so I could photograph her. Despite her gorgeous smile, I was just as interested in photographing these cute red berries. What are they called? (Yes, although I'm an Albertan who was a Girl Guide, and I have a nature-loving father, I haven't a clue how to identify berries beyond edible/inedible.) These were taken to share with my campus's Photography Club, of which I'm the secretary, but I really wanted to share these with my readers (with Lauren's permission, of course). Enjoy!

christmas greeting
lauren's lovely smile
peek a boo!
caught giggling
touch of red
bundle of berries
branches and berries

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Wear

Saturday morning I woke up much earlier than I normally do for a coffee date - proof that if you're charming and offer to buy me a latte you can pretty much get me to do anything.

winter 007

After coffee we headed to the university to hear Marci McDonald speak as part of the Parkland Institute's annual fall conference. I really enjoyed it, Marci McDonald is a wonderful speaker.

winter 001winter 002

Saturday was a nice day as far as winter goes. It wasn't snowing, windy, or unbearably cold, so I took the opportunity to take my photos outside. I love the early afternoon winter sunlight!

winter 005winter 008

I love these new boots. I've never had boots like this and they make me feel fancy.

floral, heart, bow
winter 010

Houndstooth coat - Walmart size 3X
Striped top - Old Navy size XXL
Grey tank - Warehouse One size XXL
Denim legging - Old Navy size 18
Wide shaft boots - Naturalizer size 11W
Necklace - Spring Shoes
Turquoise ring - handmade, purchased on campus
Purse - The Tinbox

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My apologies

Hey all!

So sorry that I haven't posted all week. I had two papers due on Thursday and winter arrived practically overnight. Brr! I'm in Edmonton right now, but I promise to start posting more after the weekend (I have my camera here with me, but not my laptop or camera cord).

I also want to let y'all know that I have a tumblr now, where I'm just posting pictures and things that make me happy. Check it out!

I'm also happy that I'm finally starting to catch up on my blog reading. (I can't tell you how bad it is, I feel like I haven't kept properly up-to-date in blog-land since August). I just have to mention how much I'm loving Erin's blog Plus Sized Pretty, which had unfortunately slipped off my radar there for a bit.

Friday, November 12, 2010


houndstooth outfits houndstooth 017

This is the first time I've taken outfit photos outdoors in my new city. It's actually a bit silly because my campus is right next to a lovely and not very busy park. But still, being caught taking photos of yourself is a bit embarrassing.

purple purse pockets

I love this coat so much. It is so chic and fits me perfectly, which is rare for coats. And of course, for around $50 it is a total steal.

houndstooth 028 shoulder



plaid and ruffles


Houndstooth coat - Walmart size 3X
Skirt - Reitmans size 22
Tights - Addition Elle size 4X
Shirt - Warehouse One size XXL
Scarf - Wrehouse One
Shoes - Payless size 11
Purse - Tinbox
Hat - Payless