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Thursday, December 22, 2011

30 for 30 Overview

Sorry for pushing this 30 for 30 overview so far back. I've had a a wonderful holiday so far and my mind hasn't exactly been on blogging, but I want to post this before I post anything else.

If you came late to this, the 30 for 30 challenge was started by Kendi of Kendi Everyday and the rules are to use 30 items in your closet to create 30 outfits. You can click here to see the 30 items I chose, and click here to see the 30 outfits I created in more detail.

30 for 30 overview
This is where I would say "click for larger photo" but I'm really bad at the internet so uhm...sorry it's so small?

The easiest item to remix was my black skirt from Old navy, by far. I probably could have worn it for all 30 outfits.

The hardest item to remix was my leopard print City Chic dress. I'm not sure why, I thought my striped sweater dress ewould be harder to remix but I had such a hard time with that leopard print number.

My favourite outfit was number 18 - it was a totallty unexpected combination, but I loved the prairie-chic vibe.

My least favourite outfit was outfit number 22, but it was also an outfit a wore a lot so I felt it was important to share. Everyone has their casual days.

All in all, this challenge was a lot of fun. It made me be a bit more creative when creating outfits, and I found myself more comfortable phototgraphing and sharing "everyday" outfits. It was a lot of work and I found it to be a big time commitment though. I'm not sure if I would do it again, If I did it would likely be during the summer.


  1. Hello Sonia! I've been a fan for a few months now but never had the guts(?) to comment! Seriously, I love your style and I think you're absolutely gorgeous! You and your blog have been a great inspiration to me and have helped give me more confidence in myself! So thank you! <3 I also think that your 30 for 30 Challenge was a great way to not only be more creative yourself, but to show your readers that with just a few items you can make your wardrobe more versatile.

    Happy Holidays! ^_^

  2. Thats a really cool challenge. I personally love number 5. I love sripes & the color combo is awesome!! <3