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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I wore this last Saturday night to see a play that one of my friend's was stage-managing. The play was pretty good, and it was the start of what turned out to a be a really awesome weekend. I absolutely love this dress - it feels like pyjamas but looks fabulous!

This outfit did not come about easily. I generally ignore all "fashion rules" but the idea of pairing light brown with this dress just...boggled my mind. My style can be a bit quirky, but to avoid looking a thirteen year-old who just discovered Value Village is actually cool (no hate, I've been there), I try to pair colours in a way that feels "sensical" and repeat colours throughout an outfit. So upon first glance (and second, and third) this dress called for black additions and nothing more. I'm glad I was able to shake that feeling because I really like this outfit. Are there any self-imposed fashion rules you have a hard time breaking?

Old Navy dress, Penningtons belt, Payless flats


  1. Um, I am obsessed with this dress and you mixed the brown with it perfectly. So cute!!


  2. Love this outfit!! I actually really like that its brown rather than black accessories....it kind of somehow makes it softer and girlier than if it had been black....

    Love the colour palette all the way around....

  3. Oh the dress is fantastic! I also really love the new layout!

  4. I freaking love you in that dress. I always think I can't do stripes since I am a plus gal...but you can pull them off. I would be too worried about my tummy.

    You look fantastic! Good for you!