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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DIY floral

Plus size options can often be dire, at best. Living in Canada, it seems like Addition-Elle and Penningtons are the only plus size stores out there
- and they're sister stores! Sure, there's online shopping, but plenty of stores don't ship to Canada and when they do, the shipping is grossly expensive. God forbid you have to return it (in which case you have just spent a gross amount of money to try an item on). So yes, being a young, well dressed fat girl in Canada can be tough. But it's not all bad! Welcome to the joys of thrift store hunting and DIY. I had been yearning for a high waisted patterned skirt all through the summer, when one day at Value Village while ravenously trying on everything (I had a lovely spend $100 get $50 off coupon that was not going to go to waste), I fell upon this skirt. Well, not this skirt exactly. See, once upon a time this skirt was a poor, depressing pair of high-waisted pleated shorts. But, I saw potential. I took out the seem that made them shorts, and then connected the two back seems and the two front seems together. I pinned them in a way I thought went with the shape of the dress, cut away a bit of extra fabric, and hand sewed the seems together. Ta-da! What's left is a comfortable skirt I have fun wearing, and a sense of pride that I can take ownership of my clothes and make things work for me.


  1. That's an awesome project! It looks great and is super flattering.

  2. paige: thank you, i was very pleased with outcome

  3. I commented over on LJ, you seem really awesome, and as Paige above me said, this outfit looks great and is really flattering :)

  4. I know this is an old post, but nontheless I am so identified with it. I can't believe you have such problem in Canada, I thought living in South America was the only possible nightmare (when speaking about plus size clothes)! I guess i need to become more skilled at making my own things, I already suffer a lot from making small size clothes work for me somehow...