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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday morning

I’ve been sick with an awful cold and totally exhausted so I decided that dressing up a bit might improve my mood. I wore this to go to the farmer’s market and to the Re-use Centre, things I refer to as fun Saturday morning errands. According to Katie of What Katie Wore you “should always wear a silk scarf with a sore throat.” I will add that you should also wear a cardigan, as to not make yourself any sicker.

I'm not sure why the picture quality is so poor over my face, perhaps it is fate.

Cardigan and skirt are American Apparel, scarf is second hand and the heart pendant was gifted but bought at Urban Outfitters 2 years ago. Lily pin is from the Salvation Army. Because of the 3 dimensional shape of the flower it isn’t astounding from the front but when I look down this is the view I get. It’s lovely, as lilies are my favourite flower, and effective in cheering myself up.

These boots are from Aldo. When Aldo began carrying some of their shoes in size 11 I was ecstatic and began ordering some. I purchased these over their website in the spring and have yet to wear them. It’s worth mentioning that their size 11 runs small (at least in boots) and I’ve actually returned a pair of size 11 boots because they just did not fit at all. These do fit, but the smaller foot and structured heel means I can only wear them with tights (I also, may, use a shoe horn). I do really like them and since I own them anyway I hope I can get some use out of them this autumn. Speaking of which, we have finally been blessed with real autumn weather in my neck of the woods. I bit of a rain on Thursday lowered the temperature from a record-breaking 32 degrees to a much more acceptable, if chilly, 20. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and it actually smells like autumn. A perfect time to break out a new pair of boots, no? I should add, however, that the structured heel of the boot did rub against my heels, adding new pain to old blisters. I will wait until they've healed to wear them again.


  1. I'm a little undertheweather myself. :/
    But you look sooooooo cute. You accessorize so much better than me.

  2. paige: awe, i hope we both get better! and thank you, i have tons of accessories (mostly cheapie stuff) but i need to get in the habit of wearing it more often

  3. I love the different tones of blue. Such a sophisticated and pretty look!