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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yup, I'm graduating high school this year. Exciting, no? After being reminded of this fact yesterday I cannot seem to get grad dresses off my mind. I'm looking for something knee-length with sleeves, and under $250 (the lower, the better). After perusing the internet, it's clear that there is no lack of knee-length plus-size dresses with sleeves. I hope this isn't a bad sign.

After seeing this last dress, I felt like it may be the one. The colours lovely, it looks comfortable, seems to have a nice shape. And the floral stiching along the neckline and sleeves is so perfect! How would I wear it? With these shoes and this necklace:

While I'm (of course) not buying my grad dress this soon, I'm really loving this outfit. Honestly? As soon as I put together this ensemble I had a "must. buy. now." moment but it will have to wait. There are too many reasons not to buy my grad dress/outfit this soon, including the fact that I couldn't wait until May to wear it!

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