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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mall Trip

This morning I headed over to my city's biggest mall. I'm not a huge fan of mall shopping but I had my eye on these leggings (in both black and charcoal) from Old Navy.

When I got there, I realised they had changed the layout of the store, or in the middle of doing so. When I actually found any leggings to speak of, they were in purple and slate grey (not the salt and pepper kind I was eyeing) and had gold zippers at the ankle. NO offence to anyone who may want/already has those leggings, but they're not my style. Not to mention that they only had size xs-m. I hope this is because the larger sizes were sold out. Since I had trekked to the mall anyways, I grabbed a few things an headed to the changing rooms. The only really spectacular thing I tried on was this dress in an XXL.

Beautiful, ain't it? It was a bit tight in the chest but i undid the top two buttons and with a black tank top underneath it would look great. It fit graciously over my ample tummy, and has a lovely a-line shape even without the belt. The fabric tie belt gives it some nice waist-defination, and I think it'd look great with a braided brown leather belt. It's a very nice length (above knee without being a mini-dress) and I think it would be versatile enough to wear in warm or cold weather. I'd love it in the summer with woven flats or sandals, like either of these.

I did not purchase it today but I will be purchasing it in the near future. The only thing I did go home with were these basic black leggings in an XL.

That being said, I'm still on the lookout for dark heather grey/charcoal leggings or tights that are atleast 50% cotton and fit my ample bod.

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  1. ahh i love that plaid dress! i saw it on someone on wardrobe_remix and i think i might just go try it on xD! awesome find!

  2. i haven't seen it on anyone yet but i am in love! you should definately try it on.