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Friday, October 2, 2009

Alloy review - finally!

Sorry for the lack of OOTDs lately, I'm just not wearing anything worth posting. I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the school year and the rapidly changing season. I wake up an hour past my alarm clock, freezing cold and it's pitch black outside, and I just throw something comfy and warm on and run. But today I was excited to find, when I got home from school, a package from Alloy. I made the order on September 7 but it was an international order. I was very pleased with my order, so onto the "review."

First up is this
oversized giraffe print sweatshirt in xxxl. I was worried that it might not be "oversized" on me but it's perfect. The giraffe motif is very cute I think, and the sweater drapes well. It is a thin material but I like that - it's not too bulky or hot. All in all, A+.

Next up is
this cardigan in both red and grey, both in xxxl. It's lightweight which, again, I appreciate. I hate feeling bulky and uncomfortably warm. I like the 3/4 length sleeves and the short length of it. It feels a bit more snug around my midsection than I like but it's not actually that snug so it's more personal preference. I plan to wear them unbuttoned anyways so no problem there.

Sorry about the annoying curvy-mirror pictures, I'm a bit lazy.
I am still waiting for my t-shirt order from righteousbabe.com to arrive, and I'm having a bit of trouble getting these shoes delivered from Aldo. Come on UPS, who's home during the middle of the day? And why to I have to talk to a creepy automated voice that can comprehend what I'm saying instead of a person?
Either way though, I am just overflowing with positive energy right now, and I'll be posting and outfit post over the weekend.

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