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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There are more than few things from eShakti that that I have my eye on. I haven't bought anything from them, but I have heard good things from people in the Fatshionista LJ Community. I really want to buy my grad dress from eShakti. I likely won't be ordering until the end of January, as no point spending non-Christmas related money now. I would love to get two dresses, one for commencement and one for the banquet, and perhaps a few tops for spring. I'm also really interested in the custom orders, since I am really particular about sleeves. here are some of the things on their website I really love right now.

So, have any of you purchased from eShakti before? Anything you love on their website right now? Do tell!


  1. I've never shopped there, but that second dress is divine!

  2. I've shopped there once, ordered two dresses and both of the fits were off. One was way bigger than expected and the other was wider in the top than expected. The fabric was really lightweight too, and didn't have any stretch or a blend to help weigh in down. I was disappointed.

  3. I LOVE eshakti's clothes. Love them. However, I have ordered from them twice - multiple dresses and shirts - and the fit is always off. I have a 50 inch bust, which to them seems to require a 60 inch waist. I'm not even kidding. The last time I ordered, they delivered to the wrong place and wouldn't accept my return as it was past the 10 day return limit (so if you do order, be certain to try on the clothes right away and head to the post office immediately if things don't fit).