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Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo Update

Sorry for not posting lately, as you can assume it's had to do with the holidays. My older sister from Vancouver is currently visiting, and I'm having a lot of fun. Here are some photos of my Christmas (minus my family) in hopes to appease you. I also have on OOTD, so continue on to the bottom.

First up is Christmas baking, yum!

Cand cane cookies! I took these to school early in the last week before holidays, they're very tasty and so cute.

candy cane

candy canes

These brownies are oh so delicious. I made a batch-and-a-half and took them to school, to a church potluck, and even had some left over for home.

brownies -  packed for school!

icicng? yum

oh yum

These gingerbread cookies are a family tradition. My mom, sister, and I always have so much fun decorating them, and they taste great. Check out the awesome Santa my sister decorated.


Christmas tree.

christmas tree

I made the star on top when I was thirteen. Lovely, huh?


This is my favourite Christmas ball on the tree.

floral ball

I like this one a lot too. We bought it at folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife a few years ago.

light bulb!

I love this nativity scene, we've been putting it up my whole life.

nativity scene

Guinea pigs! Santa brought them two honey sticks, and my sister bought them the orange dome.

maya in her new dome


Here they are a few days later, exploring under the tree. Red and green are the only two colours guinea pigs can see, so I'm sure they loved Christmas.

pigs under the tree

And finally, an outfit post! This is what I wore to church with my family on Christmas Eve.

christmas eve


The top in from Old Navy, size XXL. Skirt is thrifted, necklace is from F21, and the bow is self-made (I really just hot glued a gift bow to a hair clip).

I will be posting a lot more fashion-related posts this week, so please stay tuned. (Oh God I am a television now, aren't I?) But seriously, please do.

Oh, and my parents bought me Big Fat Manifesto by Susan Vaught for Christmas and I already finished reading it today. It was really fabulous, and I'm glad my parents bought it for me. This is a YA novel, but I highly suggest everyone read it.

As always lots of love and stuff. ♥


  1. The cuteness of all of this is unparalleled. I bow to your baking skillzzzzzz.
    You look lovely, dear!

  2. thanks so much! i absolutely adore baking