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Friday, December 11, 2009

Touch of Class

Today was "Touch of Class" at school, where everyone was encouraged to dress up. I interpreted this as a "minimal touch of thrifted fance" and thought is was the perfect oppurtunity to wear this new skirt. I've never worn a clutch before, but thought the pale yellow worked well with the skirt. It did, but clutches are annoying, and my hand actually cramped, so this may have been the first and last time for me. A friend and I bought each other roses, that were delivered to everyone during their period 2 classes. Mine froze on the way home, and then wilted the second it defrosted. It's a shame since roses are beautiful.

touch of class oh my

face? what face?

thrifted pin

figure 8

Skirt is thrifted, marked as a size 24 1/2.
Shirt is from Old navy, size XXL.
Tights are from Addition-Elle, size 3X.
Shoes are thrifted, marked as a men's size 9 1/2 W.
Clutch is second hand, originally from the Gap.
Pin and necklace are both thrifted.


  1. Love it. Do you have a closeup of the shoes? I don't know if the color is off but the black tights are awesome, but with brown shoes not so much.

    Overall? Beautiful.

  2. @nullset: the pictures represent the shoes quite accurately. more than a few people don't like the shoes, but brown menswear loafers with thrifted/vintage florals is an aesthetic i really like, so i guess it's just personal prefrence. thanks though! :)