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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mod Cloth

I'm sure this has been said before, but what's with Mod Cloth's incorrect sizing of plus sized items?

I've browsed Mod Cloth for years, since I was small enough to wear a few things there, so when they slowly began selling plus sized items I was excited. The sizing, however, is way off. Take for example this beautiful dress (and beautiful it is), and it goes up to 3X.

Except, size 3X translates into 37' bust and a 36' waist. Yeah, that is no plus size. According to Addition-Elle's size chart, a 3X would have a 50-52' bust and a 42-44' waist. Torrid's and Lane Bryant's sizing isn't that far off. I applaud them for trying, but even if the manufacturers sizing is off, Mod Cloth should correct that to avoid confused and frustrated customers.

This being said, Mod Cloth does have some cute stuff. They have some really cute accessories, apartment items, and even clothes. But seriously, the need to re-check their sizing, and (hopefully?) find cool, affordable designers that make larger sizes.


  1. 37" bust and 36" waist also seems like strange proportions. I'm only a B/C cup, and I have a 39" bust and a 36" waist. I'm also not a 3X, I'm usually an XL or a 1X. :S

    Gorgeous dress, though.

  2. Mod cloth has such cute stuff, and my waist is a 38, and even in straight sized stores I'm an XXL.


    Midwest Darling

  3. Stehpanie, I know, the proportions seem way off.However, the top looks like it might have stretch, so perhaps the measurements are unstretched?

    Paige, I know, their stuff is so cute! My waist is a 46, though I can fit Old Navy's XXL.

  4. I love modcloth! Ha, I talk about it all the time: http://glammed.blogspot.com/search/label/ModCloth

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  6. so i just reread your post and realized i misunderstood what you wrote. i'm not sure if it's totally correct though because from the measurements i took the dress would comfortably fit me at a 2x