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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sorry for the total lack of blogging! As you can probably guess, university is taking up all of my time/energy/concentration, and the time I do have to myself has been spent eating cheese strings and reading Questionable Content (I started reading from the very begining when I move in here, and now I'm up to comic #1298).

I bought this shirt just the other day. I love the detailed sleeves, and it was only $15.

sleeves 001 sleeves 002
sleeves 004 sleeves 007

Sorry about the weird lighting. The sun was low in the sky, and shining riht through my window.

sleeves 009

Shirt - Warehouse One size XXL
Skirt - thrifted/DIY
Leggings - Walmart size 3X
Flats - Payless size 11
Necklace - Forever 21

sleeves 022

I bought this lovely flower garden for $2 from the dollar store. I love wall stickers.


  1. I love this outfit. It looks really comfy which is what I go for when thinking of schooling!

    - N

  2. I love QC! I read it voraciously when I discovered it. I think it only took me three evenings to get through all of them. Now it's torture waiting for each new comic because the story line unfolds so slowly!

  3. the skirt is really beautiful! c;

  4. Cute! I love those wall decals.

  5. I adore those wall stickers! and I've been reading QC for years, its easily one of the best comics out there. That skirt is super cute on you c: xx

  6. i loveyour flower garden :) QC is brilliant too

  7. This shirt fits you beautifully! Love the color and the sleeves!