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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going out, wearing clothes

Last night I went out with my parents; tonight I'm going out with friends. We're meeting up for Japanese food and then going out for drinks. I'm admittedly a bit nervous about going out, I don't really want to go to a club. I'm thinking about hitting up the Funky Buddha on Whyte. When I'm in the mood for dancing, I'll go to one of the gay bars downtown.

ootd OOTD


ankle boots


self portrait

ootd minus purse Indoors

Top - Walmart size 4X
Denim leggings - Old Navy size 18
Ankle boots - Walmart size 11 (I LOVE these boots, they're $20, super cute, and the slightly stretchy faux-suede makes them super easy to get on even though they don't have zippers. I've owned them before but ruined them in the snow, so these cuties are only for autumn)
Necklaces - free from the Re-Use Centre
Purse - thrifted
Ring - street vendour

It's raining terribly right now, so I'll be brining my floral umbrella too. I wish I had a chic raincoat but I don't have a raincoat at all. I'm not used to all of this rain!


  1. Love the jeggings.
    How do they fit? :3

  2. Hello, my name is Samantha, I would like to wish a happy birthday! I always read your blog, I love how she dresses and makes up! Always shoot ideas to use in my day to day ...
    ps: my english is a little bad ... : (

  3. Lovely outfit, simple and cute :) Oh, I like the closeup pic a lot, you really know how to make the makeup work with glasses (need to learn myself)!

  4. Thank all!

    @Gazel, they fit wonderfully. ON skinny jeans have always worked well for my body type, but the jeggings are perfect. Perfect! I don't have much for hips and butt (compared to my tummy) and the jeggings fit wonderfully. There's room for extra butt, but they're not saggy either. And the stretch and feel of fabric is just right. Comfortable, but doesn't feel cheap or anything.

  5. lovely! happy belated birthday too :) you look great!

    <3 Anika