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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wrap Skirt

This wrap skirt was a birthday gift from my sister. I love it! It's reversible, and can be tied as a dress as well. My sister got it at the Jean Queen in Vancouver, BC, which I've written about before. This is the plus-size version of the wrap. You can tie it as a dress more than one way, but I took the easy route and wore it as a skirt. I love its retro housewife vibe.

OOTD: wrap skirt red wrap skirt

necklace and print

Today I went to the bank, got a Monroe piercing, and went to Value Village. It was a lovely day if I do say so myself.

T-shirt - Old Navy size XXL
Wrap skirt - gifted
Vintage turquoise necklace - gifted
Flats - Payless size 11

new piercing


  1. Cool skirt. Totally gives off a retro look.

  2. I loved the skirt, she is simply amazing!

  3. Yay monroes! I got mine not too long ago now too, and I love it. It looks great on you too :)

  4. So pretty! I love reversible, can wear it two days in a row!

    Midwest Darling

  5. Cute skirt! I really need to check out that store soon!

  6. I adore the print of your skirt and the color combination! Is that your first piercing? It looks very sexy. I have one on my eyebrow and another on my nose :)

  7. Yay your piercing is so cute! I love monroes, they are probably the only facial piercing I'd ever get

  8. I have a wrap skirt like that that I found at the thrift store for $5 total steal! I like wearing it as a halter dress, and also you can wear it as a fluttery vest. Just pull the ties though the hole in the waist band and tie them, this should give you arm holes. slip it on and voila! it's so much fun, even if my boyfriend did call it a cape. :)