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Friday, November 11, 2011

Interview Attire

in at 005

This is what I wore for a job interview last week at a shoe store. I felt I did a pretty good job with putting together an outfit that said "19, stylish, and professional." What do you think? I don't normally ask for constructive criticism, but when it comes to interview-appropriate clothes I could really use some advice!

in at 007

I assure you the wind-blown hair and sultry glare weren't there for the interview, it was just really windy outside!

in at 010

in at 012

thrifted sheer button-up
Old Navy flared jeans
thrifted men's sweater
Payless heeled boots
thrifted bicycle pin
gifted watch
thrifted/refashioned gold bracelet


  1. You nailed it! Well, the outfit that is. Let's hope you nailed the interview. :)

    The layers on top are kind of unexpected, but really chic! Now I wanna go thru my own closet and see if a long tunic would look good with my sweaters. Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Sonia, I think this is a very stylish, but still professional look! I love your style, as always :)

    My fingers are crossed on the interview, I hope you get it!!

  3. So cute! Love the bicycle pin!


  4. Perfect interview attire! Professional and sophisticated while still showing off your personality.

  5. You look gorgeous and I think it's a brilliant outfit for an interview!

  6. You are beautiful! How cute is that bicycle pin! Love the dots! Kiah