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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Summery in November

This outfit feels way too summery for winter, but I guess that's one of the upsides of spending a lot of time inside. I certainly couldn't go outside in this, but it was great for a day of classes.

This necklace it actually quite short, but I preferred the longer look so I attached it to another necklace. I'm thinking of adding a proper chain extension.

Old Navy top, thrifted skirt & chain necklace, Lands End flats, F21 necklace, Penningtons belt

I realized that if I wanted to finish the 30 for 30 challenge before I go to Edmonton for Christmas (and I do!) I'll need to post almost once a day, so I'll be posting much more frequently in the coming weeks. Just a heads up!


  1. I'm not sure if I told you, but I really want to do this 30 for 30 challenge. I'm having a hard time picking out the clothing items though... You're doing an amazing job thus far!

  2. It really looks summery, especially the fabulous flats, and I love that! Great outfit :]

  3. It's funny how in Israel you would be considered as a strict religious woman, while you're actually very chic :)
    I think it's just me who don't like to many patterns, I would have worn a one-color skirt with this outfit (because the shoes are the main cool thing here)

  4. love that skirt, and the pattern mixing!

    xo jen

  5. Thanks for the comments! :)

    Molly, if you do decide to do the challenge I'll be sure to follow along! I honestly spent a really long time picking out the 30 items, but I found it helpful to look at what others' chose to get a vague idea (like number of tops, number or skirts, etc.) good luck!