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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mad for Plaid

I've been feeling like an angsty teenager the past few days, and this outfit seems to embody that. Not that I have any angst towards this outfit (I'm pretty smitten with this skirt and blazer) but y'know... thrifted plaid blazer, lots of grey, lace-up boots, a frown, endless cups of coffee - I might as well be 15 again!

angst 008


angst 013

I love that this blazer has elbow patches, but I can't help but think of that scene from How I Met Your Mother. Anyone else a fan of the show?

thrifted blazer, Payless boots, Old Navy skirt, t-shirt, & leggings


  1. This is a really cute outfit and it looks really nice on you. I keep waiting for my angsty teenager feelings to go away and I still have them, even at my ripe ol' age of 26. I still love the idea of doing things I'm not suppose to and wearing "shocking" things. I've always liked what I've seen of 'How I met Your Mother' but I don't set out to watch it.


  2. Love the blazer!
    HAHAH. How I Met Your Mother is AWESOME!! XD Barney <3

  3. Great outfit.....reminds me of being a moody teenager too!

    Am a fan of HIMYM, and giggled at the mention of the elbow patch bit....that being said, I still love an elbow patch!