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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

18th Birthday!

Today is my 18th birthday, making me the legal drinking age in Alberta. Fun! I had a really great day. This afternoon my dad and I went to Future Shop and bought my laptop, then we were going to have lunch at a nearby Irish pub, but it was closed for renovations so we headed to Julio's Barrio. As well as splitting an appetizer plate, I had a raspberry lime margarita followed by a strawberry daiquiri. Yum. For dinner, I went out to Earl's with my parents and my girlfriend. Earl's is my favourite restaurant; along with great food, I also had two white peach bellinis. I seem to be a sugary sweet drinks kinda' girl.

OOTD: 18th birthday

Birthday outfit

skirt & shoes
I thrifted this skirt months a go, but I've been saving it for my birthday dinner.

I really wanted to treat myself to a pair of heels for my birthday. I've never really owned or worn heels, but I wanted to give them a try and though my 18th would be the perfect opportunity. But after a lot of searching, and a lot of hobbling, I think it's safe to say that heels aren't for me. I did, however, buy myself these cute dressy flats. They're my "18th birthday, I am a grown woman who can go out for drinks and look hot doing it but I just can't wear high heels and that's fine by me" shoes. Uhm, yeah.

bronze ring

shimmery peach

MXM lace skirt - thrifted size 22
Striped top - Addition Elle size 3X
Tights - Addition Elle size 3X
Flats - Payless size 11
Necklace - thrifted
Bronze handmade ring - Dawson Creek Art Gallery

It was Bellini Tuesday so I saved a few dollars on the drinks.

penne alfredo
Earl's penne alfredo is my favourite.

Now I am at home, full of food and alcohol, and very content. Thanks for looking!



  1. Happy Birthday!

    You look so cute too. I love those flats, I have them in lilac and adore them!


    Looks like you had a blast! And you looked fabulous too! ;)

    -Christina <3

  3. Happy Birthday! You look great!!

    You look lovely. It6's ok, I always go out in flats xxx

  5. Happy Birthday, I'm glad you had a lovely time xx

  6. happy birthday. looking very pretty and choosing all the good drinks : ) x

  7. Happy Birthday!! You look gorgeous! I love the skirt & tights! Glad you had a awesome time!


  8. Happy Birthday, and I'm loving the B-Day outfit!

  9. happy birthday! I'm in love with that skirt! :D you paired it up nicely with the top, necklace, shoes and tights! ^_^ and flats ftw! heels are overrated and at least we can walk in flats :D

  10. Oh I'm a bit late but Happy Birthday! You look very beautiful and I love your shoes!
    I only realised that I'm only 1 year younger than you are, haha :)

  11. Yummy food.
    Earl's is alright, it's a bit pricy for me. :( But I do love their drinks! Mango margarita, you gotta try it. So delicious.

    Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday to you! Love that lace skirt.

  13. happy b-day!!!!!! looks like you had lots of fun!!! and 18 is such an important age!!! and you also look fabulous!!

    lots of kisses!!

  14. Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a great day! :) You look amazing, that skirt is beautiful. :)

  15. happy birthday gorgouse!!! hope you had fun

  16. Congrats on your brithday! You looked very cute for the special day :D
    I own the exact same shoes, they are so cute and comfy I wear them for work almost every day :-)

  17. happy birthday! sorry one day too late :D

  18. Happy Birthday! I adore that skirt, I'm always so amazed at the great things people find at thrift store. I never seem to have any of that luck