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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Party

I'm hardly a fancy lady, but I do have some fancy friends. Last night my girlfriend and I went to a lovely Christmas dinner party. There was delicious food and wonderful company. I had a really great time!

christmas party 008christmas party 007

christmas party 002christmas party 006

Sweater - Zellers size XL
Sequin skirt - Faith 21 size 3X
Tights - Penningtons size 4X
Necklace - Penningtons
Rings - Payless
Heels - Payless size 11

Disclaimer: I didn't actually wear these heels, even though I love them. There was no point because of all the snow and ice on the ground, and you can't wear shoes in a Canadian home anyways. I totally would wear them with this outfit, under other circumstances.
Hm, do you wear shoes in yours or others' homes?


  1. You look gorgeous! I loved how you mixed a casual sweater with the sequined skirt.

    Also, I never wear shoes in my house or anyone else's. I hate it! I never feel comfortable wearing shoes indoors.

  2. I love this combo, that skirt really is so perfect for a christmas party. You look gorgeous!

    Do you really need 4x tights at Penningtons? I dread to think what size I would need...

  3. Yeah, Beth, I find their's and Addition Elle's tights quite small :(

  4. such a cute outfit! love the skirt and the top paired together.

    i do wear shoes in houses... although i don't really do it in mine unless i just came in the door, getting ready to leave, or trying to break in a new pair of heels. but if i go to someone's house, i actually like to keep mine on, unless they prefer me to take them off.

  5. I must get my hands on a sequin skirt like that. So gorgeous!

    I never wear shoes in my house or anyone else's (unless it seems appropriate for some odd reason). It's just so much more comfortable!


  6. Thanks everyone!

    Anne, the same skirt is still on sale on the F21 site, I just edited the post to include the link.

  7. I love how you constantly reworked that beautiful gorgeous skirt! I wore it once but I sustained scratches from rubbing my arm across it often but i love it nonetheless. You look tres chic!

  8. You look wonderful c: I wish I had the confidence to pair skirts/tops like this <3 x

  9. What a cute outfit, you look great! Love that skirt, it's perfect for the holidays. :)

    I rarely wear shoes at home or when I'm visiting others.

  10. Ooooh, love it! so cute and chic! love the skirt! It just screams glamour! :D

  11. I really like that sequin skirt!

    We tend to wear our shoes in others' homes, unless they seem to be a "no shoe" household.

  12. Yay! The striped top makes another appearance - looks great!

    The shoes in other people's houses debate - I would never ever do it in Canada (because of ice, salt and snow as you pointed out) but in Dublin everyone seems to wear their outdoor shoes indoors which kinda goes against my Canadian sensibilities. I compromise by bringing my slippers everywhere and changing into those when I visit people :)

  13. Stripes & sequins - I love it!!

    I hardly wear shoes ever. I notice how often it happens when I go through my outfit backlogs. Ha, it's terrible.
    My feet just do not like shoes and I like to wear socks (or barefeet) whenever possible.

  14. LOVE the skirt, and love how it works so well with the striped sweater!

    I am 50/50 with shoes indoors. My husband can't stand it, but we have wood and tile floors and it can get COLD! I decide whether to wear in other homes based on the hosts. Here in Maryland, I think most people leave their shoes on.