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Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful holiday! For me, there's nothing better than spending time with my family, especially combined with sleeping in, heart-warming music, and sweets. Christmas is always somewhat low-key in my household. It's just my parents, sister and I, and we rarely spend Christmas day with our extended family. Yesterday morning we woke up, had coffee and Carolans, and spent a few hours opening gifts (we didn't have a plethora of gifts under the tree, but we're always sure to take our time). In the evening my sister and I made a really delicious vegetarian dinner. We had acorn squash, vegetarian stuffing, broccoli and cauliflower casserole, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.

As far as gift giving in our family, my sister always takes the cake. She makes wonderful homemade gifts that have so much time and thought put into them. This year she made a beautiful scrapbook-style calender for my parents, with photographs corresponding to each month, and she spent upwards of 50 hours on it!

My sister made this old-timey treasure chest for me, with a picture of us as children on the top. Inside of the chest were four other individually wrapped gifts, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. This was definitely my favourite gift; it is just so sweet and wonderful. See what I mean about her being crafting queen?

treasure chest
treasure chest

Here a few other photos from my Christmas:

christmas treechristmas 2010 053

gingerbread tree


  1. This all looks so wonderful!

    Lovely blog!



  2. It looks like a magical Christmas! That gift from your sister is endlessly sweet.