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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beige but not bland

leopard print & pin stripes

I had such a hard time taking photographs today. It was ridiculous! It's so cold out and my camera was not cooperating at all. I'm totally envious of those bloggers who have boyfriends/husbands who happen to brilliant photographers and are willing to photograph their outfits daily. Not that I'm in the market for a husband, but if it meant better quality photos... Kidding, of course. However, today's cold, frustrating photoshoot has me wishing of spring (and for a proper tripod).


mens 018

Button up tunic - Winners size 3X
Scarf - Winners
Corduroy jacket - thrifted
Jeggings - Old Navy size 18
Layering tank - Warehouse One size XXL
Belt - Northern Reflections size XL
Wide calf boots - Naturalizer size 11W


  1. I finally got a tripod and that's made my life so much easier! So I know what your going through! :) && I just love your outfit! From the belt, to the scarf, and the striped shirt, it all looks good.

  2. Very cute! I especially like the scarf with the colour of the tunic.

  3. Hello Sonia, I frequently come in your blog, but I doesn't often comment because I'm really bad in English (I'm French!) ^ ^! I really like your style, your confidence and your HAIR! XD
    I'd like to be like you =)
    Kiss from France xoxo

  4. I love the blue and white pinstripe shirt, so cute.

  5. I totally get the photographer envy! Even with a tripod i'm still jealous of those with human tripods! I love your pairing of the stripes with leopard and the belt!

  6. Hi, love your blog to me you're my inspiration! I am wishing a striped or plaid shirt ...

  7. I loved the combination of striped blouse, scarf with animal print. One of the coolest ways to use a married caramel.

  8. My daughter says I shouldnt wear beige. :(

    You are gorgeous!

  9. you look slim :) augh you should move here to los angeles we have tons of plus size clothes. I am plus size... we should swap clothes :) you even find plus size on thrift stores, flea markets and discount stores!

  10. Thank you all for the super nice comments!

    @Ms. Givens, I wouldn't listen to your daughter on that one, beige is a lovely neutral. & thanks!

    @KARLA, plus size thrifting is pretty good where I am, thankfully. I'd love to visit LA sometime though!

  11. Sonia,
    I love the "Beige but not bland" outfit, but I'm having problems locating the grey and white striped tunic in the bottom picture. I was thinking of putting together an outfit with a men's dress shirt, skinny jeans, and wide calf boots. Do you think the men's dress shirt would be an okay substitution?

  12. Thanks Anne! I think a men's dress shirt would be a great substitution