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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stronger than the love in old love songs


I have way too much grey in my closet. It was giving me a gloomy, grey headache so I decided to wear something bright to brighten my mood. It certainly worked! I felt very cute today, and I received a lot of compliments from my friends. Don't let the snow fool you, today was quite warm so it felt fitting to wear a spring inspired outfit.




I've noticed a lot of talk in the blogosphere about whether it's possible to fat, fashionable, and broke. It definitely is possible but it can also be difficult. I've been thinking about focusing a bit more on affordability on my blog, would do you all think? I'm broke and a fashion blogger and perhaps I could be a bit more conscientious about combining those two aspects. I'm not being as eloquent as I'd like but, basically, would you all appreciate it if I focused more on being fashionable while broke?


Polka-dot top - Old Navy size XXL ($11)
Cardigan - Old Navy size XXL ($30)
Skirt - thrifted shorts DIYed into a skirt ($5)
Tights - Penningtons size 4X ($10)
Ankle boots - Walmart ($20)
Bracelets - Ten Thousand Villages ($18)
Ring - Penningtons ($2.50)
Necklace - Warehouse One (free with purchase of another necklace)
Bag - The Jean Queen in Vancouver, BC (free)


  1. So good -- your outfit, especially! You cutie pie.

    I don't know, I don't feel comfortable listing down the prices on my items. :X I mean, I'm not terribly broke, but I'm not rich either! I work and stuff. I'm a college student. I buy off thrift stores, sales, clearance. I barely buy anything full price unless I can't stop thinking about it. Seriously, best secret to dressing cute is THRIFT STORES. Since every trend is recycled and rehashed year after year you can still be trendy and broke.

  2. I love your outfit and I know what you mean, sometimes I get sick of all the dark colors I generally wear. The outfit is really flattering as well, and I have to say you're very pretty.

    Ah I think you do a pretty good job of being fashionable on a budget and discussing fashion on a budget.

  3. I love this outfit soooo much - not just because there's all my favourite girly things - pink, polka dots, flowers.... but also because you look like spring and i'm so sick of Canadian winter now!

  4. You look great and really non gloomy! Also I'm pretty broke most of the time, and have managed to pull together a wardrobe that busts my poor closet at the seams. I find tons of plus size clothing at thrift stores.

  5. I'd love to hear more about affordability - I love thrift store shopping but being 5'11" and a larger size, the selection is often limited!
    I love this outfit, the polka dots and floral skirt is awesome pattern mixing!

  6. Such a great shade of pink - it really suits you.

  7. i'm a big fan of your outfit today! i don't think i've commented here before, but i read every post and just thought i should say your outfits are always cute and inspiring. i don't even like pink and i love this, haha.

    i like the affordability idea, though i don't think you have to list the prices of each item unless you feel that's particularly important. i dunno. i personally like it, because it makes me want to seek out the items (those ankle boots for so little? i want!), but I feel like I am looking into something quite private. but this is your blog, and it's personal anyway. so maybe that's just the way it should be. :)

  8. I love your outfit today! You've completely inspired me to go out looking for shorts to DIY up. :)

  9. You look so lovely in these pictures ! The pink looks good on you, very pretty !

    xx, Leah.


  10. I love this outfit. The skirt especially. You are just what I needed to see - it feels like spring (with all its frilly clothes) will never come.

  11. I'm loving the outfit! and I love the combo of the polk a dots and floral skirt! the pinks just perk everything up! and how cute are those pink lips! squeee! you're precious! (I just used waaaay too many exclamation points, but that's just how cute you are.)

  12. Hello! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to have found your blog! You dress SO freaking cute, and it gives me hope since I seem to have a very similar body type, so you inspire me. I feel like I can't put a cute outfit together, and seeing your cute outfits will hopefully give me that nudge. I look forward to reading/seeing more

  13. I don't think you spend too much now as is but if you could find outfits for cheaper then I think that'd be great! I love all your outfits!

  14. you look adorable in this outfit, love it, happy valentines day! <3

  15. The last picture is so breath taking, really beautiful, you.

  16. gurl! U are amazing!

  17. I'm a little late chiming in, I just recently found your blog and fell in love.

    I would love it if you could focus on being broke yet fashionable. I read so many fashion blogs, and while I love what they show, there are so many items that are way out of my price range.

    I work full time, but it's not in my budget to buy $200 dresses, no matter how much I want to.

    So I for one would love if you could show less expensive items. and the prices are nice, it let's me know I should check out the piece or not.

    Either way, I love you and your blog and your clothes, so I will continue to read!


  18. I love the way you mixed the patterns; it adds so much interest.