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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everywhere is somewhere, baby

I was going to do a wishlist post, but I'm quite broke right now and thought that'd be too cruel to do to myself. Instead, I decided to create an outfit that is entirely thrifted. It was a fun challenge, but it made me realise I don't thrift as often as I used to, and my wardrobe isn't built of thrift store items like it once was. I'm sure living in a city with only one, measly thrift store has something to do with that. It felt really awesome to wear a 100% thrifted outfit.

thrift store ootdthrifted

100% thriftedshadowy detail

My girlfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago. I haven't mentioned it online yet, aside from a changed facebook status, because I'm not 100% sure about internet etiquette but I figured it was time to tell you all. It was totally mutual but I'm still really bummed. She was my first love! We were together for a year! & even though we'd been growing apart for a long time, I still really miss her. I don't mean to beg for sympathy or anything, I just wanted to share. In other news, my first linear algebra midterm exam is tomorrow so I should really get to studying.


  1. Breakups are tough. I'm sorry, and I hope you're doing all right with it. But on the plus side, you look fabulous! I hope you get the chance to buy more thrifted stuff soon.

  2. your outfit looks great. and I know what you mean, my gf and I broke up a little while ago, and I was absolutely devastated, she was my first love too, and we were together for four years, I mean it wasnt mutual, but I stayed strong and I hope you will too, at some point you start to feel normal again. but anyways I understand how you feel :)

  3. I admire your creativity (and honesty!) in this post.

    I think it's about time I look through my closet and put an all-thrift outfit together, that would be a really fun challenge!

  4. This is my favourite look from you thus far. The hair and the colour palette give it a nice whimsical spring feeling. Woo hoo!

    As for the breakup, I'm sorry abotu that. D: First loves are hard. xx

  5. Aw, I'm sorry about your (now ex) girlfriend! That really sucks! On the bright side, that is a really cute outfit! I don't like bubble hems at all and you're totally pulling it off! If of course, that is a bubble hemmed skirt. Which it looks like.

    Just curious, you live in Ontario right? Might I ask what city? You see, I'm the same age as you and looking to start school in Ontario in September and I'm SO NERVOUS. I'm a BC-ite and I've never been further than Alberta!

    Anyway, long time fan, never commented (I'm really bad for that), dropping in to say Hi!

  6. Love this outfit! You look super cute!

    Sorry about the break up, even though mutual, they are always hard. xox

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your break up. They definitely can be tough but you always learn and take away lessons from them.

    Love your outfit!

  8. i love your hair and the colours of your outfit :)

    btw. i'm your newest follower :)
    xo http://anniinthesky.blogspot.com/

  9. You matched these items pretty well! I have quite a lot of thrifted or eBayed (which is similar but only I buy those via the internet :D) and sometimes my outfits are entirely made of those items. I love it, although sometimes it seems a bit weird.. Like..when you realize the entire outfit was only 10USD or so :D

    I'm sorry about the breakup and hope that you'll be better soon!

    xx, Meg

  10. sorry to hear about the breakup. It's hard breaking up, in addition to loosing your first love. I will never forget my first, and she will always be a part of my heart. The good thing is that is some point you just move on...


  11. i adore this outfit. i don't have great thrift stores in my area (or i should say there are some good ones but never anything that would fit me or that i could try and make it work!). but i scored two skirts recently at a thrift store, so i was excited!

    sorry about your breakup. it's hard but keep your head up :)

  12. Oh no, I'm sorry about your break-up! But I am glad that it was mutual and calm though. I know it sucks but you are amazing and better things will come!

    Anyway, you also look gorgeous, as usual! I love the whimsy of the blouse.

  13. What an utterly adorable outfit! I'm totally smitten by the top, it's so vintage looking and the skirt is uber cute, I have a similar one in forest green, but I usually wear it in a mini-dress style (so just pulled up a bit higher than yours) You look great, and I'm sorry to hear about you and your girl. I totally sympathize, I lost my boy right after the new year (not exactly mutual) and I'm still bummed. Sending tons of love your way pretty girl.

  14. i really almost never comment, but i always read you and i just want to say: first love always hurt, so hope you start to feel better soon, and your look is really cute!!! it's my favorite of this year.

    i send you lots of kisses!!

    ps to rose: im almost sure she lives in alberta, edmonton i think, but now with college im not sure where but i think its still alberta.

    i live in toronto, so if you want to ask me any questions just leave a comment in blog (its in spanish) and i'll send you an email or something.

  15. *hugs* I totally get how you feel. I was with my first love for over a year before I got confused about my sexuality (whether I was bi or gay) so I broke up with her, I realised I was gay and that I wanted her back a month or so later, she'd met a guy (she's bi) while we weren't together and now 2 years later (I think) they've not long got married and they're expecting a kid.
    I miss her every day but it slowly gets easier.