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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AE Review

Here is the long-promised much awaited review of the American Eagle purchase I made two weeks ago. To start off I’ll say that AE is a company that knows how to ship to Canada. They offer free shipping on orders over $100, and there shipping is quite reasonable on other orders, $15 I believe. They offer free return shipping from Canada and have a currency calculate at their checkout, so you can see the price of your order in CAD before you pay. My order was placed on a Sunday evening and arrived on the seventh business day. When I made these purchases they had a “buy 3 items get 20% off” sale, among other deals, so I got things for quite cheap.

I don’t normally post my measurements but I’m being quite explicit in case anyone is considering buying these items.
Bust – 51.5”
Waist – 46”
Tummy – 53”
Wear low-rise pants button up – 48”
Hips – 52”
Inseam – 31.5”
Ankles – 11”

First up this the super skinny jean in midnight black. Size 18 regular. $32.

In the past, regular lengths AE jeans have been too long on me. My inseam is 31.5” and is right between the short and regular. Because it’s in between the two, I decided not to risk it and ordered a regular. Good thing I did, as these puppies are pretty short. Maybe it’s just the style, but if I’d have known I would have bought a long length. According to their website the leg opening on theses jeans is 11.5” and according to a tape measure my ankles are 11”. Yup, they really are super skinny, take a look for yourself. They are tight, but the material is thin and quite stretchy and it is the style. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone larger than me get these, and they might work best for someone an inch smaller. They are also very low-rise, but I bought them with the intention on wearing them with long shirts/tunics so that’s what I expected.



Here’s this lovely soft skirt in purple marker. Size XXL. $12

This skirt is shorter than I expected, as they don’t list the length measurement. I had planned on wearing it high on the waist but would only be able to do that with leggings, so we’ll see. It has a smocked back which I love because my fat redistributes itself when I’m sitting vs. standing. Also because of the smocked back I can wear It high on waist, low on my hips, or anywhere in between if I so choose. And it has pockets! I love skirts and dresses with pockets.


Suede ballet flat in majestic purple. Size 11. $16

My feet are on the larger side of size 11, they are also relatively wide and thick or deep (Y’know – length x width x depth?). The upper isn’t structure so it allows room for my feet and is very comfortable. I was a bit sceptical about the quality but for the price I thought I’d try it. I really do like them and would definitely pay $30 – the regular price – for them. This makes me wish I hadn’t wasted so much time/money on crap flats in the early fall. When I first got them I wore them two days in a row, and both of those days involved more than a bit of walking, after which I developed a blister on my right toe. I let my feet have a break, wore them all day today at school and was fine. I guess they just needed a teeny tiny bit of breaking in? I love these, and would definitely buy ‘em again.


Wool clog in brown combo. Size 11. $16. The brown is now longer available but here they are in grey.
Clogs may not be the most fashionable shoes in the world but hey, I wanted some. The upper was softer than I thought it looked on the website. The sole could use a bit more width in heel, I mean my feet are not triangles with the widest part at my toes. The cork also has arch support that I, as a chronic flats wearer, aren’t used too. Overall I’m happy with them.


Streetscape V-neck tee. Size XXL. $6
This shirt was 50% with the purchase of my jeans. Okie-dokie sounds good. It’s a bit shorter than I normally like, and is lightweight and kind of sheer. I’m not unhappy though, as it is worth $6 to wear tucked into skirts.


Aerie leggings in charcoal heather. Size XXL. $12.
I’ve long wanted a pair of dark heather grey tights or leggings that were more than 50% cotton. Ta-da! They’re super comfy but I do have a minor complaint. The ankles are loose, and too short. Is this the kind of thing were they go “oh you have fat thighs and so you have fat ankles too”? I planned on wearing them tucked into boots anyways but this totally limits my ability to ever wear them with flats. Let’s remember too that my inseam is only 31.5” so what’s a person with longer legs supposed to do? These are supposed to be full length. I am happy with them, just overly critical I suppose. :)



Aerie boybriefs in XXL. $4.
I bought 5 of these undies. I’ve been wearing aerie undies for a few years now and for the first time went up to an XXL from an XL. I’d say I’m probably in between the sizes; I fit into an XL but make the elasticity do some work, wear the XXL fit but hardly need to stretch at all. I do really love these undies though, they’re predominately cotton, super comfy, and cute but not sexy (which is what I’m into). I’d say that someone with hips/bum up to 2” larger than mine could comfortably wear these in an XXL.

Sorry for the lack of face, I have a major zit and my hair was totally windblown. I'm thinking of renaming Edmonton as the windy city. Here's proof that I have a face, from a few days ago.


Here, the shirt is from Old Navy, XXL, and the necklace is from Forever 21.

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