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Friday, November 6, 2009

O hello

I have a lot of post ideas brewing in this ol' head of mine, but I've been too busy this week to post. A former co-worker is acting in a play that her husband wrote - and is also acting - and so I've gone from school straight to her house and babysitting into the night. There are, however, a few things I want to get out here.

  • Just a heads up that Ricki's - which carries size 0-18 and has some pretty cute stuff - has some totally cute and very soft knitted berets right now. I saw them in grey, black, and cranberry and will likely be snatching up a grey one this weekend. They also have matching, equally as soft, mittens. Ooh lala.
  • I bought a shirt at Winners this afternoon. Winners I believe is the Canadian equivalent of Ross or TJ Maxx. Expect an outfit and review over the weekend. I will say that is was $20, fits very well, and is very outside what I'd normally buy.
  • I've been thinking about posting a video, ya' know, vlogging. I did a practise video and aside from being reassured that I have strange mannerisms, I also have an annoying habit of rolling my eyes up while thinking and thus speaking. If I do post a video, I'll be sure to look straight at the camera.
  • Some posts to expect in the (hopefully) near future: being out as an ongoing process; coming out as fat: it's not as though you can't tell!; review of a vegetarian cookbook ft. yummy food; to emulate what you find attractive or not to emulate what you find attractive; feet vs. fat; and finally, some outfits and fun picture posts!

Stay tuned, my lil' brain is a whirring!

Love, Sonia ♥

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