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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ahoy there!

I haven't bought a tripod yet but after a lot of fiddling I managed to get a full body shot with my head and feet. Awesome!


Then I ran outside because natural lighting is so much better, even at dusk.




Yes, my feet DO have clay on them. This is my life.
The shirt is a new purchase from Old Navy. Size XXL, $10. The stripes and neck get it a nautical feel in my opinion, and I love the cut so much I picked it up in black too. It's not on the website but it's definitely worth checking out in store. These shoes are ones a ordered from the American Eagle website, $16 and size 11. I'm very happy with them and will do a review of all my AE purchases soon. The necklace is also new from Forever 21. I'm not sure it the long heart necklace thing is totally played out yet, thinking about it it first became trendy in Spring 2007. Either way I still prefer long necklaces like this. The jeans are from the Gap, a generous size 16. They're not my favourite jeans but the others were just out of the wash and still quite wet.

Here's a few from my balcony.



  1. Very cute! I'm eagerly anticipating your review of the AE skinny jeans; I'm thinking of ordering some but have never tried any of their pants.

  2. thanks, and i'll get on that by tomorrow evening for sure. :)